Will the Grauniad’s servers cope?

Ricky Gervais is back podcasting for free at the Guardian, for three seasonal specials: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. His initial free podcasts, of material written with The Office cowriter Stephen Marchant, were so successful he was able to take them to a site where he could charge per download, and the free specials are his way of saying thank you to the fans that made that success possible. (And a canny marketing plug for the pay-as-you-play podcasts).

The Halloween special goes up on Oct 31, British time. If by that they mean midnight their time, that will be 12 noon in ESummerT states, and 11am in EStandardT states here in Oz.

If they mean brekky time their time, it won’t be available for download until dindins here.

(And I’m up this early because the cat woke me up by deciding to kill a toy. A squeaky toy. That had to be disciplined all along the hallway.)

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