Month: October 2006

Australian Misogyny Week

It’s very depressing to read/listen/watch Australian media this week. I posted yesterday on the gang of youths that assaulted a developmentally delayed 17-year-old girl, forcing her to give them oral sex, urinating on her and setting her hair on fire…. Read More ›

First Santa Sighting

I couldn’t Adam and Eve it. Sure, it was outside one of those all-year round Xmas decoration megabarns, but there he was: out on the main drag, waving at the cars going by. My humbuggery failed me. I actually smiled… Read More ›

Thugs on DVD

After yesterday’s initial outrage, prepare for more from today’s story: Students who knew members of the gang involved in the DVD said some were unapologetic and had laughed at the public outrage. Year 9 students at Werribee Secondary College said… Read More ›

8 photos

This is a meme going around some blogs in the States, and I haven’t been tagged for it, but I like it so much I’m going to do it anyway. It’s simple: 8 Things I Find Amazing in Picture Form…. Read More ›

Foetuses behind a plane

I learnt over at Another Blog today that in some places in the States kind people will fly over your place of work, study or recreation and attempt to horrify you. Apparently, all over the USA this last summer, if… Read More ›

Reactionary role-yearning

Oh, this should stimulate some discussion around the blogtraps. Sara Robinson, a blogger I’ve linked to before for her pieces on religious-authoritarian childrearing practices, has written about the call for a return to traditional masculinity from religious conservatives, and its… Read More ›


That’s the only word for some of the recent spats in what were previously some of my favourite corners of cyberspace. First there were the feminister-than-thou wars about lipstick and marriage (see Pandagon and Feministe), then there were the pseudonymity… Read More ›

For eating, not shelving

An e-friend on a mailing list just described a fabulous edible bouquet rather like this one that they received as a gift, a particularly appreciated gift in that she has long given up delighting in gifts of the dust-collecting figurine… Read More ›

blogcrush of the week

togolosh, who regularly comments at various Stateside feminist blogs but sadly doesn’t seem to have a blog of hir own (sob), skewered this anti-feminist righteously: You have NO RIGHT to contraception anymore than you have a RIGHT to eat cake…. Read More ›