Bear with me if the title banner or other stuff looks different today, or if the sidebar disappears or something. I’m playing around with the template again, ‘cos I wants me some rotating banners, and that means changing to K2.

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  1. Looks good, but where is Mrs Peeee-e-e-e-e-e-l?

  2. Never fear, Tim – she is indeed on one of the rotating banners. You simply will just have to keep on refreshing until she comes up!
    (She is also in the body of the About tigtog page if you really cannot wait)

  3. Hey, did you know that ‘tweakin’ in some parts is colloquial Americanese for going on a two-day meth binge? As in, have a ‘good tweekend’.
    Mmmmmm… I prefer the Mrs Peel variety. Job done, pour the champagne, make lascivious eyes.

  4. I’d never heard that slang!
    It’s never the wrong time for champagne and lascivious eyes. Hmmm. I might go buy some oysters.

  5. Wow, rock on. Very glam header/s. A great cross-section of hoydens, too.

  6. Thanks, ducky. I even figured out how to get Mrs Peel back into the sidebar, too!

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