Link garden

Because my real garden got just a bit crisped last week and nothing is at its best for photographing.

But my purple prose can always bloom in service to the garden of blogular delights:

The always-interesting Flea at One Good Thing asks whether Leni Riefenstahl should be considered a feminist icon, after demonstrating that her art establishes her definitely as one of the greatest ever film-makers. As Amanda mentions, it dovetails nicely with David Niewert’s post on Misogyny and Fascism, which was inspired by all the Remodelling Masculinity stuff that’s been happening around the traps this week.

Drive-by second-guessing of the disabled is depressingly common. Read what it’s like when you add motherhood into the mix : Step Away, Other Mother, Or I Shall Sic My Worms on You

Brooklynite and oddprofessor share some jubilance at recent judicial decisions regarding the legality of civil unions in 2 states of the USA.

The court said the decision to call it marriage or something else will be decided by the democratic process, but at last someone is noting that the state doesn’t make “marriage” sacred, it merely defines the civil contract that married people enter into.

In another one for the sexualisation of childhood folder, the British supermarket chain Tesco has had to remove this from the toys section of their website. (via Feministe)

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