First Santa Sighting

I couldn’t Adam and Eve it.

Sure, it was outside one of those all-year round Xmas decoration megabarns, but there he was: out on the main drag, waving at the cars going by.

My humbuggery failed me. I actually smiled to see him there while I waited for the lights to change.

[very quietly]

I even waved back.

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  1. Aargh! I hate Christmas turning up in October. The Beloved and I went food shopping last Sunday evening. Already Coles has the Christmas food out on the shelves to my dismay (and The Beloved’s as I kept pointing it out and complaining about it).

  2. Oh I don’t know, I road-tested the Cadbury’s Christmas-pudding chocolates (pack of 7) yesterday and rather appreciated the opportunity to get in early and scope the merchandise.
    Very nice too, but at that price you might as well go to Haigh’s and get three or four amazing Christmas-pudding chocolates.

  3. Santa in October waving at traffic?
    Jesus H. Christ at a discount for a limited time, I love my job.

  4. I’ve sighted one of those robot Santas with the creepy jerky wave. And last night in the basement at Myer Northland they were putting up the christmas trees.

  5. it’s not just a commercial thing. the City of Melbourne have erected their Chrissie tree in the City Square.

  6. Forget Christmas, I reckon we should declare open the season of rhyming slang. And may it never end.

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