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Nasty stuff (PTSD trigger alert): sex trafficking and so called “consensual sex contracts” which appear to be simply an attempt to license sexual assault and get away with it. Time to BTP (Addit: add your own angermakers in comments).

Link the First: From a link JahTeh sent me a few days ago: Stuck in Traffic (sex trafficking in Goa).

A few quotes:

  • Our investigations reveal that in Calangute and Sinquerim alone there are at least forty rich and elderly foreigners who openly live with children and click pornographic pictures.
  • It is generally believed that trafficking is driven by a demand for women’s and children’s bodies in the sex industry, fuelled by a supply of women and children denied equal rights and opportunities. But trafficking is not just limited to flesh trade. Check out the trafficking in its manifestations:

    1. Trafficking for sex-based exploitation, i.e. for brothel based and non-brothel based commercial sexual exploitation, pornography, paedophilia, sex tourism, mail-order bride system, disguised sexual abuse in the garb of massage parlours, beauty parlours, bartending, friendship clubs.

    2. Trafficking for non-sex-based exploitation, including a vast area of servitude, slavery and exploitation, either as bonded or forced labour or using them as drug peddlers, for begging, giving in adoption, trading in human organs, trafficking for false marriages and other similar exploitative practices.

  • the law enforcement, in most places, violates the rights of victims as the common practice is to arrest, chargesheet, prosecute and convict the trafficked victims, the study confirmed.

Link the Second: Idly checking sitemeter, I find an incomer arriving via a google-search on “consensual sex contract” so I check it out. The people offering to sell men (always men) these contracts are either cynical greedy bastards ripping paranoid men off (these contracts will not protect them as advertised as I discussed in my post on Withdrawing Consent), or out and out rape-enablers. I’m just going to highlight the items that simply leapt off the page as rape-enabling tools:

The following is just a portion of what’s contained inside the Consensual Sex Agreement:

# It releases you from civil and/or criminal liability;
# It confirms consensual and voluntary relations;
# It releases your company(s), agents, employees, members, sponsors, promoters and affiliates from any liability;
# It affirms everyone involved is of the age of consent;
# States the date in which the agreement covers and that it’s not blanket protection;
# It affirms the participant isn’t under the influence;
# It affirms that the participant isn’t being coerced into signing;
# Holds you harmless from any future suit or claims;
# Includes a clause to keep your identity anonymous;
# Releases you from providing a copy of the form to the participant;
# Provides for satisfactory completion of the agreement;
# Provides for dispute resolution and arbitration procedures;

Don’t let a willing participant make you a victim!

They try and make it look OK, that it’s a contract for just one incident of sexual congress, not a blanket consent, and that it specifies the sexual acts agreed to so that a partner who doesn’t want to do certain sex acts feels protected by having that signed off on. But as for the rest? Apart from the stupid idea that you can contract yourself out of criminal liability (contracts affirming criminal acts are null and void – first year law, buddy) lets just examine the points I’ve bolded in the quote above.

# It affirms that the participant isn’t being coerced into signing
Because no-one could possible be coerced into signing a statement that they’re not being coerced, could they?

# Releases you from providing a copy of the form to the participant
What sort of contract doesn’t provide both parties with a copy? Trying to make sure the “participant” doesn’t get a chance to examine all these clauses closely, particularly the next one? Also, if the participant doesn’t have a copy how can sie prove that one was ever signed stipulating that certain acts were explicitly not consented to?

# Provides for satisfactory completion of the agreement
Tough luck if you change your mind, you signed this piece of paper saying we’d have sex, so you can’t say “stop” now, even though I just said/did something revealing what a creepy perv I really am.

Y’know, the more I read the more I have to go with out and out rape-enablers.

The icing on the cake?

The Consensual Sex Agreement and/or Package (Kit) and it’s Contents is U.S. Patent Pending.

Sex Contracts and Withdrawing Consent
Consensual Sex Contracts vs Consexual Creed

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  1. Please, if you’ve come across or blogged any stories this week which have got you obstreparated, add a link to them in comments.

  2. Did you see the Pandagon thread about retouching photo portraits to turn normal looking women into plastic fembots? You can even get “doll-eyes” shopped onto a photo?
    Spooky. [link] (keep hitting the “more samples” links to be really creeped out)
    The Pandagon thread [link]

  3. this article didn’t itself get me obstreperated (fabbo word) but what it’s describing did – the people pushing the idea of a “post-abortion syndrome”

  4. alias, I did indeed see that Pandagon thread on the photoshopped portraits. blechhh.
    Jen, what a great post you found. Thanks.
    Oh, and I stole obstreperal lobe/obstreperated from Twisty. I’m not sure whether they’re traditional Texan or pure Twistyisms.
    And for another notch in obstreperation, try T’s comment in the upskirting thread.

  5. Oh those photos are revolting. Gah.

  6. Here’s one.
    “Rather than eating more, international models are adopting a “walk” designed to make themselves merely appear bigger.”
    It reads like it’s out of the Onion on a bad day, only it’s the Telegraph. Surely it’s satire… no?

  7. I can top that.
    One of the top ways for newbies to earn bucks in online role-playing game Second Life is to sign up as female avatars that take their clothes off in the virtual strip joints. [link]

  8. Twisty’s got a beauty, as usual (she’s calling hers part of the service provided by the Twisty Institute for Gross Crap Over the Weekend). Some mob calling themselves “The Vagina Institute”: here’s her rant.

  9. Hi tigtog, hi all. I think twisty also mentioned second life’s new buy-a-rape option under “Cybersleaze”.
    Not in the same category but I’m stroppy about Parental Alienation Syndrome a widely discredited diagnosis invented by a single psychologist who is infamous for uttering the words ”there is a bit of paedophilia in every one of us”

  10. please accept that parental alienation is very real and the syndrome is what effects the child

    Ive been through it and it is the most aweful thing to cope with
    please read my blog


  11. I’m very sorry if you’ve had to cope with a vindictive spouse being a jerk, Steve. No matter how awful that has been, it still doesn’t add up to a mental illness, I’m afraid. Kids being really upset because either one or both of their parents absolutely hates the other isn’t a mental illness either.

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