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  1. Heh. Aside from picking up the LOL Kitty meme, the artwotk is really strong — it flips the Varga model of cheesecake pin-up art on its ear. An homage, a parody and a critique, which ain’t that easy to pull off at the same time.

  2. I didn’t think logansrogue’s artwork could be improved, but I was wrong.
    Is the macro-captioning yours?

  3. I was just reading Girls read comics (and they’re pissed) and part of the latest post is how men in comics aren’t depicted in as sexually explicit a manner as women in comics. This is great.

  4. Is the macro-captioning yours?

    Yes, the bucket had been dancing in the back of my mind, and this came out.

  5. Notgruntled: Thank you so much. That is glowing praise and it’s warmed my heart incredibly. Thank you!
    Lauredhel: This cracked me up! Great stuff!

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