Oh c’mon, get angry at Hicks, c’mon!

The Daily Terror is desperately trying to get us all upset that Hicks is getting “perks” that the rest of us should view “with a mixture of anger, suspicion and displeasure” apparently.

(Never mind that these “perks” are not anything Hicks has specially asked for as a unique concession just for himself, these “perks” are just the institutional consequences of his detention and sentencing.)

First “perk”: a charter flight home on a private Lear jet
Second “perk”: studying during his term in prison with an eye to becoming a zoologist

For hard-working, law-abiding Australians, the treatment afforded to Hicks in recent days has been nothing short of a slap in the face.

Most will never have the opportunity to travel on a private Lear jet; many will struggle to access the same educational opportunities as he will be afforded. As the Hicks case proves, crime might not pay, but it can often provide its own range of privileges.

Honestly, do they really think “the battlers” who read the Terror are stupid enough to not know that the only reason Hicks flew home on a chartered private jet is that the US wouldn’t let him fly home normally? That they don’t know that Howard’s great mates the Bush Administration were too bloodyminded to exempt him from the no-fly laws governing “terrorism suspects” being banned from commercial flights, thus it was Bush costing the Australian taxpayer $500,000, not Hicks?

Do they really think the Terror readers envisage Hicks kicking back the bubbly on that Lear jet? Or sitting there not wearing handcuffs and probably shackles? Some bloody “perk”.

As for the education in prison, that’s something every prisoner is entitled to. IT KEEPS THEM BUSY AND NOT HURTING EACH OTHER OR HURTING THE GUARDS. He’s not going to become a zoologist in 7 months (notice the rampant anti-intellectualism – zoology can’t be that hard, seven months will be more than enough for a degree apparently).

He’ll get one whole semester’s study in, ooh ooh the rampant favouritism! Has Hicks even got his HSC equivalent? He’ll probably be struggling to get halfway to that in one semester’s study.

And that’s only if he’s quite a bit smarter than the Terror thinks its readers are.

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7 replies

  1. After 5 years in detention, what exactly did the US government think this terrorism suspect could get up to on a commercial flight to Australia, anyway???

  2. Don’t forget the handcuffs and the sitting between two Federal Police agents!

  3. Perhaps George and his friends had watched “ConAir” recently and thought anything was possible. It is, isn’t it?

  4. And “Lost”, don’t forget “Lost”!

  5. I just read a bit more about the “perks”. Hicks’ lawyer spoke of Hicks wanting to study to become a zoologist AFTER he is freed (ie not on taxpayer money in prison), and yes he does need to finish his high school studies first. Bloody Terror editorial, I bet they totally knew that when they wrote it.

  6. I suspect that the Terror do expect their audience to swallow it whole. Sadly some of them will. Otherwise they would have stopped buying the paper years ago. I wonder if TT or ACA will get onto the bandwagon too.

  7. I have no idea why this thought came into my mind … but don’t you think there is a wonderful irony in Hicks wanting to study zoology? He’s already spent 5 years on one side of the bars looking at the beasts on the outside, so it’s rather poetic that he’ll have the chance to reverse that.

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