Month: October 2007

Friday Hoyden: Miriam Margolyes

“I am rather an opinionated person I suppose,” Nothing I could write could do justice to Margolyes the way this transcript from the interview she did on Enough Rope does, although the simple transcript doesn’t give you the sense of… Read More ›

Ennervening the spouse

We test-drove small turbodiesel cars yesterday and today. Yesterday, the car we drove was an easy-driving car with decent performance. Today, we drove a car that took me back to my youth of hanging around with Rally Car Clubs, and… Read More ›

Always suspected it

Stephen Fry is a geek, and now he’s blogging. The first post is an (exhaustively) comprehensive review of the iPhone and its competitors, and his second post is on the nature of fame. They are long, which is why he… Read More ›

Anathema on lazy cafes

Ugly, ain’t they? When I am paying damn good money for something hot and wet, in a cafe which has 15 different ways that one can have one’s coffee, you better believe that I expect you to make up a… Read More ›

Fat-hater wankstain du jour

Big Fat Deal reports on a chappie who thinks it’s a Splendid! Shiny! New! Activist! Idea! to start printing up and handing out Fat Tickets. He wants the world to start handing out these tickets, with the revelatory message “You’re… Read More ›