Fat-hater wankstain du jour

Big Fat Deal reports on a chappie who thinks it’s a Splendid! Shiny! New! Activist! Idea! to start printing up and handing out Fat Tickets. He wants the world to start handing out these tickets, with the revelatory message “You’re Fat!”, to workmates, friends and family – and offering, among other things, to fuck them skinny.

Noice, hey? Wouldn’tcha just love to get one of these from your boss?

Can a Facebook “Lady, You’re FAAAT!” graffiti template be far behind?

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4 replies

  1. What should we put on the ticket to hand straight back to him?

  2. How about, “You need to go back to primary school to polish up your social skills”?
    Classy, that man.

  3. If anyone hands me one of those, they are likely to get one of the following responses, depending on how hot my temper is running that day:
    1) A polite smile, followed by the phrase “yes, I know”
    2) A glare, followed by the phrase “No, really?”
    3) Me ripping the silly thing up and tossing it in their face.
    4) A glare, followed by the phrase “yes, and you’re stupid. I can diet.”
    5) A ten minute lecture on precisely why I don’t diet, and precisely why I am fat, and why I don’t need some pompous nitwit damn well trying to force their view of what I should be on me when I have enough damn problems of my own, thank you very much.
    6) Any of the above accompanied by enough invective to turn the air in my immediate vicinity blue, make sailors blush, and stun seagulls at 50 paces.

  4. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for these conversations! Not that I wish this numpty on any of you, mind you.
    I’m going to bury this in here: apologies to all for not really keeping up well with comments lately. I’ve been in a fluctuating crash this week, which combined with all sorts of Life going on around me, has been a little rough. (Mostly good stuff in the Life category this week, I’m happy to say, but good stuff is exhausting too!) Sometimes I get chunks of energy to noodle around, sometimes I don’t, and I’ve been neglecting replying promptly and suchlike.
    Rest assured I read and appreciate all your replies. And do talk amongst yourselves when I duck back into passive mode for a while. Cheers.

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