Feminism Friday: Like a puke party in the Barbie factory

We’ve long known that there are regular games and toys, and there are girls’ games and toys. Here’s a pile of the latest puce spew, mostly via Yehuda.

Pink Playstation 2. Comes bundled with Singstar Pop, of course.

As well as the slimline console in pink, metrosexual gamers will get a pair of matching pink Dualshock controllers and – the piece de resistance – a pink memory card. Kudos for attention to detail, Sony.


Pink Nintendo handheld:

Would you like accessories with that? Pink converter cable and adapter, cases, styluses, power packs, earphones, and even a pink cleaning cloth.


Monopoly: Boutique

This is Monopoly like you have never seen it – dressed up in pink and all about things girls love! Buy boutiques and malls, go on a shopping spree, pay your cell phone bill, and get text and instant messages. You and your friends will adore the funky tokens, cool buildings, and cute illustrations. Best of all, the game is stored in a beautiful keepsake box which doubles as a jewelry box. Cool game features include: 8 collectible tokens just for girls, keepsake storage box with removable tray and mirrored insert, pink gameboard with fun properties, pink and purple translucent boutiques and malls instead of houses and hotels, Instant Message and Text Message cards instead of Chance and Community Chest, pink Title Deed cards, redesigned Monopoly money, flocked banker’s tray, 2 pink dice, and instructions.




Ladies Pink Poker Table and Ladies Pink Poker Chip set:

O.K., ladies, don’t listen if any knucklehead tries to tell you that poker just isn’t a chick thing.

1 in 3 poker players in the UK are female!

Just toss him a piece of raw meat and tell him to go away, while you pick up the phone and call your friends to come on over, because you’re having a Pink Poker Night!

With this fun, complete, and just-for-you poker set you have everything you and the gals need for a rollicking good girls’ night in.


Jenga Pink Girl Talk

Gather your girlfriends and get ready for a twist on this classic wood block game. Jenga GirlTalk has a cool new look and a fun new element – pull out a block, then answer a question, such as: If you had one wish, what would you wish for? or Who is your closest friend? It will have you and your friends stackin’, askin’ and laughin’, but remember – don’t let ’em topple! Includes 54 precision-crafted solid wood blocks, each with a different question, an ultracool, stylish microfiber stacking sleeve, and instructions.


Girls Pink Chess Set

With the increased popularity of chess with girls then this pink and lilac set will prove a winner.


Pink and Black Dominoes

The dominoes come from UK store Made In Pink!, which boasts:

Everything we stock is Pink!

We are always updating our site with new and exciting products so you will find lots of inspirational gift ideas for the female in your life (and maybe some males too!)

“Huh huh huh. Gay men like pink stuff! Huh huh huh. Cos they’re like chicks, dontcha know. Getcher gag gift today.”

What I also learned at Made In Pink today: Playboy bunny gear doesn’t just come in lanyards any more! You can get cocktail gear, champagne glasses, wine glasses, wine coolers, coasters, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, cushions and blankets. Excuse me. I think I need a Maxolon.

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  1. Ugh. Ugh-ugh-ughitty-ugh.
    Y’know, I have a couple of pink shalwar kameez in different shades that I love because the colour pink actually suits my complexion and they’re so comfortable – I’m wearing one of them right now.
    I hate that the gender ghettoising of pink is starting to make me want to die them another colour (at least they’re cotton, so I can do that).

  2. Giant eye roll to them. Well put together post to you.

  3. Gender ghetto is right. What’s next, the pink burqa? Consumerism and misogyny, marketing multi-tasking.

  4. tigtog: totally agree with you, on the clothing side of things. Pink used to be a perfectly cromulent shade of light red. Furthermore, a nice soft rose looks rather good on me, and doesn’t tend to show red wine stains very badly.

  5. Eeew! Especially the pink monopoly set.
    Not only is it “pink for girls” (which by extension, means everything else if for boys)but the properties for sale are boutiques and salons! Give me strength.

  6. Is it wrong to like the dominos? Pink and black are very Deco.

    I agree that the rest of the stuff should come with complimentary barf bags.

  7. Nah, I was just saying on S&A that it’s totally cool with me if you like some of the individual things. The pink dominoes need to be taken in context – one tiny part of a river of pink glurge aimed at simultaneous infantilising and sexifying women, while limiting their choices and making it absolutely clear to them that they’re not the default type of human.
    And if you go to the dominoes page, the context of their being offered for sale is quite different from the photo taken out of context: at MadeInPink they’re surrounded by a haematuria-pink border with ads for porn-bunny gear and pink-on-pink baby shoes.

  8. Gah. Thanks for rounding up all those pics. It’s all about choice. If I had a daughter, and she *wanted* an item, okay, but that shouldn’t be her only choice. Even when I was a kid I never liked the gender stereotyping constantly pushed. Let kids play with what they want to play with, and please no more of “Math class is hard!”

  9. One of the things that really bugged me about the Pink PS2 (aside from, y’know, Sony in general being annoying) was the fact that, at least here in Aus, it was released about 1-3 months before the PS3. Because, y’know, if you’re going to buy a console ‘for a girl’, she certainly won’t want the new model.
    At the same time, I know a few female gamers who have pink consoles and handhelds because it reduces the risk of other (male) gamers acting as though they’re not ‘serious’ gamers and ‘just stole their boyfriend’s/brother’s console’. It’s just ridiculous.

  10. “haematuria-pink”!!!

  11. I love pink, especially when paired with black. *makes grabby hands at the dominos*
    I hate that I find myself hesitating to buy pink or pink/black stuff because I don’t want to support the pink push… gender ghetto indeed!


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