Merry Christmas!

Fagernes, Norway

This was taken on our big holiday last year, in the picturesque resort town of Fagernes, Norway. I’ve been hanging out to turn it into a Xmas card ever since.

Merry Christmas all of you, and thank you so much to our regular commentors and sly lurkers who keep on dropping by: we love youse all!

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  1. A happy Christmas to you too! 😀 xx
    Debs’s last blog post..So many bad adverts – so little time!

  2. Merry Christmas Hoydens and hoydenizens! What a lovely picture for Christmas. We do not have snow but a steady, cooling drizzle :).

  3. Well, our Xmas in Hobart was just loverly, although not quite so brisk as the picture above. I hope you all had a lovely time as well.

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