Month: December 2007

More rape denial: NT AMA president

What is with the colossal deluge of rape-denial lately? This time it’s the Northern Territory president of the Australian Medical Association. The ABC reports on high rates of “sexually transmitted diseases” in children in the NT: Northern Territory AMA president… Read More ›

Extended fanvid – Scooby Road

I posted a pointer yesterday to cupidsbow’s discussion of fanwork’s anticapitalistic appeal. One astonishing example of fanwork is Luminosity’s “Scooby Road”. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer source material is set to the full album of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road”. This… Read More ›

Io, Saturnalia!

For those of us who like the Winter Solstice holiday season to last as long as possible, starting the celebrations today for Saturnalia is a top-notch idea. It also gives me an opportunity to post my favourite astrophotography image, seeing… Read More ›