Creepy #19085: Real Estate Advertising

Via Eric Bramlett, the Top 10 Worst Realtor Headshots. Somehow, this one* only came in at #2.


Creepy creepy creepy.

[Hat tip to Simon.]

* Description: A preschool-age girl in full makeup, with red lipstick, platinum blonde hair, earrings, and a red singlet and capri pants. She has been posed next to a bed, in a half-hearted hands-on-hips stance and a strained smile. A sign pointing to her reads “Destiny Real Estate: For Sale. Call 1-800-etc.

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2 replies

  1. Ewww, what the heck is that?
    She’s for sale? She’s going to a realtor when she grows up? It’s acceptable to sexualise little girls to sell real estate? When she grows up she’ll be a blonde mama buying such real estate?
    Ewwww, whatever it is.

  2. I’m with Darlene – ewwwwwww.
    Soccer Mom in Denial’s last blog post..Sing for the New Year

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