The next Carnival of the Radical Feminists is at la doctorita’s – put in your submission now

la doctorita is running this month’s Carnival of the Radical Feminists.

The carnival will take place on Monday, December 24th. The submission deadline is Friday, December 21st. Submissions may be left as comments to this post at la doc’s, or may be emailed direct to la doc.

So if you’ve done some feminist reading or writing lately that questions the gender order, that takes the patriarchy apart, that takes a stand against imposed gender roles, that acknowledges sexism as a fundamental form of oppression, that pillories pornification, that rejects sexual violence, that critiques the dominance/submission model, that connects sexism and capitalism, that opines that we need major social changes and not just teeny incremental baby steps and bits of paper declaring equality – go and put your submission in.

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  1. thanks for the shout-out 🙂 please send me anything you’ve got! i’m really interested to read everyone’s work.

  2. thanks! keep ‘em coming!

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