More rape denial: NT AMA president

What is with the colossal deluge of rape-denial lately?

This time it’s the Northern Territory president of the Australian Medical Association. The ABC reports on high rates of “sexually transmitted diseases” in children in the NT:

Northern Territory AMA president Peter Beaumont says the statistics are shocking but are not new.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all – Pat Anderson and Rex Wild’s report into the Little Children are Sacred shows quite clearly that sexual misdemeanours against children and babies is rife in Indigenous communities,” he said.

Misdefuckingmeanours. Sexual misdefuckingmeanours. Against preschoolers. Sexual misdefuckingmeanours that include raping them and giving them gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia.

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6 replies

  1. children and babies?
    That’s so wrong.

  2. ”Sexual misdefuckingmeanours.”

    That actually had me laughing. EXCELLENT WAY TO PUT IT!!!

  3. Trivialising sexual attacks is the cornerstone of the rape culture.

  4. Educate Aboriginal people on safe sex…. you have got to be kidding, Dr Beaumount have you missed the point, this is not about Aboriginal adults having these dieases it is about children under the age of ten having them….. the adults don’t need educating, they need castrating……….this is an epidemic of sexual abuse, rape, inncest and steeling the innocence of young children. Is there a solution, yes, remove every child from every community.

  5. Is there a solution, yes, remove every child from every community.

    What you’re advocating is a form of genocide. How about removing the rapists, instead of their victims? (Not as a sole solution, of course, but as interim damage control.)
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Naughty girls down under. With a bullet.

  6. Making sure that non-indigenous rapists aren’t exploiting the children would be good too.

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