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I was tagged on the cast iron balcony. My mission:

Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this as seven facts elsewhere, and since I got seven while randomly brainstorming, I’m going for that.

– I lived in the Northeastern USA as a child. I remember feeling despondent when I became too heavy to walk on the crust that formed on the top of the snow. I liked leaving no imprint.

– I can’t stand being in the same room as blue cheese.

– I have high myopia. I cheated on, and passed, my school eye tests in first grade, one the charts with Es pointing in different directions rather than having different letters. Did no one see me squinting? I was later busted by an ophthalmologist whose eye chart started with A instead of E. He thought he was soooo clever.

– The earliest dream I remember was a nightmare. In my dream, I got up and walked into the bathroom, and there was a Jolly Roger banner over the (closed) shower curtain. It was terrifying.

– I have really, really, really strong fingernails.

– I once rested my fingers on top of an electric fence (with rubber soled shoes on) just to feel what the electricity was like. After a minute, I couldn’t resist the urge to touch the ground with my other hand. Not doing that again.

– I have broken four bones. I didn’t go to a doctor for any of them at the time of the initial injury. Nor have I ever had stitches for an accidental skin injury, despite having sustained a few doozies. I don’t much like being a patient.

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  1. What’s your script? Mine is around -8.5, though I think one of my eyes is worse due to astigmatism.
    The earliest dream I can remember is that a big orange germ came out of the toilet and started attacking me while I was sitting on it. 😛

  2. What’s your script?

    -8 for me, minimal astigmatism.
    Enough so that my glasses are really, really, really expensive. Sigh.

  3. You are quite fascinating.
    blue milk’s last blog post..Indigo

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