Apollo 11: a stroll around the baseball field

NASA recently published an interesting map showing a map of the lunar excursions by Aldrin and Armstrong, superimposed over a standard baseball diamond.

Image source: NASA (click link for high-res image)

One of my invisible friends took one look and was incensed at the omissions. Stephan’s exquisitely detailed and improved Apollo-11 landing map is here.

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  1. I don’t know what the superimposing-over-the-baseball-field actually achieves or means, but my god, it’s beautiful. In a kind of infoporn sorta way.
    Georg’s last blog post..Design patterns galore

  2. My favourite bits are the pink circles for the spots where they took panoramic shots.
    Funny, I was just about to write that I wished they’d marked where the famous Earthrise photo was taken, but I wanted to attach a photo, and I found that that photo was actually taken in lunar orbit by the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968.
    This is how William Anders saw his shot and composed his photograph, aligned with the plane of the capsule’s orbit around the lunar equator:

    Commander Frank Borman took a black and white photo aligned so that the moon’s surface was horizontal, and that is how Anders’ colour photo is best known – rotated to match the perspective of Borman’s composition. So there you go.

  3. That’s certainly thinking outside the square/diamond/polygon-of-choice… !
    TimT’s last blog post..Avert your eyes!

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