Quick Hit: medical misinformation in TV-drama leads to bullying at school

Boy taunted after Seven’s Down syndrome gaffe

Channel Seven is facing legal action and an advertising boycott after popular show All Saints implied that Down syndrome is caused by incest.

Down syndrome groups say that at least one child has already been subject to schoolyard taunts because of the “preposterous” storyline.

This from a show that purports to have a medical advisor.

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  1. I just watched this episode. It wasn’t a throwaway line, gaffe, or Freudian slip: the consanguinous pregnancy, the presumptive Down syndrome diagnosis (also wrongly handled from a medical point of view, and they called it “Down’s syndrome” throughout), and the link between the two were a key storyline and were way more than implied.
    Trying to arrange video, for those who haven’t seen it. Stay tuned.

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