Photo-correspondence from a Hoyden Abroad

Hoydenizen Orlando had occasion to wander around the London Borough of Islington recently, and saw something that made her think of us.

Thought the hoydens might appreciate this marvellous sign, found on the door of an antique shop in Islington last week. I can see why Douglas Adams bonded with that suburb so profoundly.


I think that as it’s well and truly past yellow-hammer here, it’s time for an aperitif! Make mine a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, barkeep!

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11 replies

  1. It’s always happy hour at some bird, somewhere in the world.
    Wait, what?

  2. It is absolutely marvellous, isn’t it? If they only have a picture something like this in the window it would be perfectly Adamsy.

  3. That is brilliant!

  4. I hear that the 10-6 bird has a bright and splendiferous plumage, much coveted by the roving bands of hominus collectibilis.


  6. Ah yes, that bowl of petunias probably could have done with some parachute pants an’ all.

  7. Heh. Night shopping on Wednesdays? 6 past Tawny Frogmouth, but still not sleepy.

  8. Did you know that Hotblack Desiato is a real estate agent in Islington? I believe they used to get calls from disgruntled fans asking how they dared call themselves after a Hitchhiker’s character (it was the other way around, naturally).

  9. I never envisaged Hotblack Desiato ever possibly being a real entity’s name. No wonder Adams couldn’t resist using it.
    Su, it’s well past Sparrow and moving on to Lorikeet here. I need another cup of coffee.

  10. If I ever move to Islington I am so going to that real estate office. They are probably sick of Hitchhikers fans by now.

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