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Dear etc,

“I have contacted the IAS admin about access to this conference before, as well as about access to the Disability Inclusion seminar, and was rebuffed each time. I am contacting you again in the hope that you have had an opportunity to re-think.

As a feminist blogger and someone who has worked closely with several presenters, and as a triple graduate of UWA including a number of classes within Women’s Studies, I am interested in “Vision, Memory, Spectacle: The Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association International Conference“.

I have particular interests in blogging, intersectionality (particularly disability), feminist motherhood, technological subversion, feminist intentional communities and the role of the internet, language and representation, feminist critique of science and medicine, and feminist critique of marketing.

However, since my disability has me near-housebound, I would need to attend by the wonders of modern Internet technology. I know that many UWA venues are currently wired for audio and sometimes video, and that there are a number of possible technological solutions that might allow two-way interaction. What I’m really wondering is: is UWA interested in expanding their scope to truly include people with all sorts of disabilities, or am I going to remain excluded from participatory graduate life?

UWA is a university that has repeatedly asked that I enrol to do postgraduate work. With my current disabilities, however, I’m not feeling at all welcome.

The IAS has an opportunity here to consider solutions for radical disability inclusion, just as the Disability Inclusion seminar was aiming to discuss. It would be pleasing to see some follow-through.”

Signoff, etc.

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