Sunday garden post

It’s a beautiful day! Here are a few photos of the garden. Some are “first new growth” shots, some are “before” shots.

One kangaroo paw wants to flower. (Yay!) You can see the chilli varieties in the background waiting to be planted.


This eucalypt is showing some new growth,


As is this melaleuca. It’s a bit hard to see, but the distal few cm of each branch are light green, indicating fresh growth.


The “Afterdark” peppermint tree (Agonis flexuosa) is thriving – all the lighter red stuff is new.


Mulching the back area – this will be partly natives, and partly Lippia groundcover, with a path to the shed.


And the huge front area is newspapered and deep-mulched, to be a vegetable garden down the track. The border has three citrus trees (lime, mandarin, lemon), and a few vegies out of sight along the fence – Cos lettuce, snow peas, sugar snap peas. We just got the bay laurel tree out of the pot that has been its home for a decade. But you can’t see it, because of the shadow.


Pansies are nice. This is a little border at the entryway that is satisfying our flower hunger while we’re waiting for everything else to establish.


And all the lad has ever wanted is a cactus garden. Here is his first cactus. We’ll establish a rocky garden in this little triangular, and give it to him for his cacti.


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  1. Beautiful! Glorious!
    Just bear in mind that unless you are a ruthless pruner, that bay tree can get to up to ten metres high! My mother planted one in the back yard and now she has no view from her kitchen window except leaves (it used to be a wonderful valley view).

  2. Yes, we’re well aware of the bay tree issue! Luckily, we have one and a half ruthless pruners in the house[1], and it also has plenty of space to spread its wings.
    [1] Our ruthless-pruner-in-training has been cutting his teeth, as it were, on the bougainvilleas. Nothing like being thrown in at the deep end.

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