Friday Hoyden: Tamsin Greig

As requested a few weeks ago, an appreciation thread for the woman who describes herself as “puffin-faced” and confesses to having extraordinary trouble with corpsing, which must be a definite drawback for an actor who works primarily in comedy.

Short bio from the BBC

Here’s a couple of interviews to chew on:

Tamsin Greig: Green goddess

Interview on the Green Wing microsite


Accepting her Olivier Award for Much Ado About Nothing – she hadn’t prepared an acceptance speech

Interview snippet with Steve Mangan about improvising as part of their roles on Green Wing

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  1. When she was in Much Ado About Nothing the production was set in 1950s Cuba and all the other women were in nice-girl print circle skirts with neat ponytails and gloves, while Beatrice was all sophisticated bad girl in a slimline teddy-girl skirt, short hair and sunglasses. You really saw Benedick grow to become worthy of her. The show was to die for.
    Favourite Black Books moment: (holding up a bottle of some unidentifiable spirit) “You know it’s going to be a good night when there’s a polar bear bleeding on the label.”

  2. *Screams* Oh yes.
    Excellent hoyden, hoydens.

  3. I just updated the post with a few more links: her acceptance speech at the Olivier awards is particularly worth a look.

  4. What a lot of work you’ve put into this, Tigtog, thank you! You’re right, her acceptance speech is a hoot.

  5. And here I was just thinking how lazy I’d been by just linking to a few things I found using Google and the [related] feature on YouTube!
    Glad you liked the links.
    I find it refreshing and also admirable how strongly she and her husband guard the privacy of their children. Apparently they’ve never told the media the names of the children, let alone anything else.

  6. Love love love Tamsin Greig. Loved her from the first moment I saw her on the box, and I didn’t even know who she was. It was before Black Books, but I can’t remember what it was. Thanks for that.

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