Today I actually have some mild fondness for Morris Iemma

At least he made sure that Michael Costa was sacked before Iemma himself got toppled by the NSW Labor caucus.

*putting champagne in the fridge*

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  1. YES! 😀

  2. And after toppling him, the Right faction couldn’t agree on who should take his place, so now Nathan Rees of the Left has got the job. It should have gone to Tebbutt of course.

  3. Here’s an SMH article about Trebbutt from May this year– quite an interesting read. It focuses a lot on her “lack of arrogance” and her compassion and soforth– and while these are certainly good things in an MP, I’m very interested in the gendered nature of the discourse, which all paints her as a reluctant leader.
    I hope this isn’t too much of a tangent, but a while ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the sexism directed at Hillary Clinton, focusing in particular on the way that many of the slurs directed her was essentially boiled “she actually wants to be President” (as though they’d want a President who didn’t want the job)– this was often accompanied by a comment to the effect of “A female President would be good, but not this woman.” My friend commented that it seemed like people were after Laura Roslyn from Battlestar Galactica– the woman who takes up the mantle because she was the only person left who could do the job.
    It seems to me that the SMH article linked above (and possibly Trebbutt herself, depending on how accurate the article is) is invoking that sort of a narrative, and it’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds further over the next few years.
    I wonder also how much that sort of implicit narrative is in effect in terms of Palin’s VP candidacy. While no one could accuse Palin of being unambitious, given the way she became governor of Alaska (and just to stress, I am not saying ambition in a woman is a bad thing here!), there is a sense, amongst the right-wingers, that Palin is “okay” because she didn’t directly seek out the Presidency. On the right-wing religous blogs I read, she is frequently being referred to as a “Deborah”– a woman who lead Israel because none of the men were Godly enough– again, this idea of stepping in because there’s nobody else.
    And of course, it’s also the way that Geena Davis’s character in the short-lived Commander in Chief became President.
    It’s all very interesting in terms of the way the narratives of female leaders are constructed (and I hope this isn’t way too off-topic!)

  4. Tebbutt is left faction so has buckleys of ever being premier (not a gender thing — John Watkins was in the same situation). Deputy is the highest she can rise for that reason, so there’s some political reality/diplomacy to her not expressing those ambitions. Even when she stepped down there was definately the sense she would be back at the right moment — I know the desire to spend more time with her son was genuine (I’m in her branch) but also, it didn’t hurt to remove herself from the stench surrounding Iemma/Costa in terms of future ambitions.

  5. Wait, what? Rees is left? Oh OK. I did not know that. Hmmmm …..
    Anyway I saw Morris on telly petulantly saying “they’ll have to carry on without me!” LOL. We’ll cope, I expect. What a schmuck.

  6. Oh, I’m not making a comment about Trebbutt’s personal views, but rather the narrative that is constructed around her (as I said above, I have no idea if she personally buys into that or not)– which is similar to the narrative constructed around a lot of women who reach positions of power.

  7. Yep, you’re exactly right on that alas.
    NSW does need Laura Roslyn though — but the scary airlock-lovin’ Roslyn of season 3 and 4 not the token schoolteacher of season one. 😉

  8. Apparently part of the Jim Hackerish deal that’s enabled Rees to end up as Premier is that he’s formally resigned from the Left faction.

  9. Imre Salusinszky explains it all: Rees cabinet shackled by factionalism.
    Sartor’s dumped as well, but Rees is keeping Della Bosca? Tripodi must have been buzzing around at lightning speed to have managed that.

  10. Della’s widely regarded as one of the most genuinely competant and well -regarded people available — even considering the low level of competition. The education union was begging to get him back as Minister. He’s the best to take on the terrifying Health job I reckon.

  11. Good point – Della’s other negatives don’t make him incompetent as a Minister.

  12. Well it is good to see Linda Burney get a promotion. I’ve mostly heard her speak about matters outside of politics but she is so impressive.

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