Virtual Travelling: Bristol UK graffiti

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8/10/08, originally uploaded by emmdee.

Emmdee managed to capture the artist putting up this huge stencilled work last week. Obviously the owner of the wall has given full permission (perhaps even commissioned the work?) I wonder whether occasional Hoydenizen (and LP blogger) mick has seen it yet?

But what’s the astronaut carrying? There’s a shot of the finished artwork here, which I would have shown as a pic link, but the photographer has disabled blog-linking. I’m not sure entirely what commentary the stencil-artist is making, only that something about this forced a grunt from my gut.

So, what’s the best street art you’ve seen lately?

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6 replies

  1. More wonderful street art in Bristol.
    The sheds south of the floating harbour have been mostly demolished recently to make way for a new ahuge partment/hotel/restaurant/retail development. The area is surrounded by a big white wall which gets grafiteed roughly every day and painted over every other day…
    Anyway, walking past the wall on my way to work this morning someone, obviously pissed about the bank bailouts had written something along the lines of:
    Go to work ——->
    Pay taxes ————>
    Become a part owner of this hotel.
    Hopefully it’s still there in the morning so I can take a photo of it.

  2. The astronaut/figure is carrying carrier bags from Poundland or somewhere similar. I like the trainers.

  3. And doesn’t that just bring it back down to Earth? We’ll all look like that one day. I felt like wearing a suit like that when I went to Korea and couldn’t see the skyscraper next to mine because of the smog.

  4. Ohhh there’s so many in my hood. I particularly like
    (With thanks to the lovely Nosey In Newtown blog. Highly worth checking out!)

  5. That is a jen you wine Banksy, innit?

  6. Clare and &Duck – just another hard day in the Galazy supamart

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