So when did you last back up your computer?

Luckily, mr tog did a full back up only two days ago. He clicked on the site which rebooted his computer and installed something evil on his boot sector late last night. Seeing as his is the primary computer for our home office LAN, that has made today rather interesting.

I am not usually as punctilious about backing up as mr tog is. Guess what I’ve been spending most of today doing?

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  1. “Latest Backup: Today, 12:27 AM”
    Adam bought an Apple Time Machine back with him the last time he went to the US, my laptop gets backed up automagically on a regular basis. Prior to that acquisition we were really bad at doing back ups but the only disaster we ever had was when our backup/media server hard drive died and we lost a bunch of TV shows and other downloads that weren’t stored anywhere else.
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  2. I absolutely refuse to do any of the maintenance work involved with our computers. I make the unhusband do to it all. I know that it is ridiculous but along with taking out the garbage I have made that one of his duties.
    Though he has told me over and over again to take a basic computer course calling his name when I get into a bind is easier. Guess this is one area where I my feminist cred thing sucks cause I am more than happy to have him come riding on his white horse, or should I say flash card….LOL I don’t even know if I picked the right computer part.
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  3. Commiserations. I feel your pain.

  4. I normally back up all my important files every month. I happened to skip my end of August/beginning of September backup. So naturally at the end of September my hard drive died.

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