The Art Report, and Stationery Love

It’s been a while since I showed you some art.

The lad is showing all the signs of being a budding stationery lover. He recently raised quite a bit of money in the school Fun Run (he’s also showing signs of being a middle-distance runner), and instead of choosing toys and sporting equipment like the other kids, he gravitated immediately to a giant art kit. He enthused about this for hours.


And here’s what he’s been up to.






Theme? I see no theme here.

Any other stationery fetishists in the Hoydeniverse?

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  1. Those pictures are fantastic! 🙂

  2. Is that second last one the Billy Goats Gruff?

  3. Tigtog: It is. And teeth? I haven’t scanned the ogre he drew just this minute.

  4. Annnnd…. now I have.

    Lest anyone be thinking “omg disturbed traumatised child, how do I ask her tactfully whether he’s seen a therapist?”, he also just drew me a giant Valentine.

  5. Fabulous drawings 🙂 And I’m totally jealous of the art set, those things have a siren call for me too. I occasionally fantasise about buying one of the big Derwent sets in a wooden case for myself, but as I don’t actually draw I have no excuse!
    mimbless last blog post..Eastern Water Dragon

  6. So precious! Awwww.

  7. Those are great, and I love the last black and red dragon in particular– it’s very balanced with lovely sinuous lines.
    I would have loved to have had a big shiny art kit like that when I was a kid, but as my mum is an artist, she already had a plentiful supply of art gear for us to use (though we did have our own selection of kid-friendly paints and crayons), so there was really no reason for us to ever get one.

  8. By Valentine you mean a picture of the decapitated St Valentine, right?

  9. I love the black and red dragon too and I covet the ogre’s antlers. I see he has gone for the classic one-shoulder number – the pinnacle of sartorial splendour for the well dressed ogre.

  10. Su: And the heel spurs, of course. Apparently this fellow is modelled after Mulgarath from the Spiderwick Chronicles, but his bommyknocker is from The Hungry Giant.

  11. Dragons – they’re so hot right now.
    Since our youngest has only just ceased surreptitious late night wall adornment(he used to hide pencils just for that purpose) we lag behind somewhat on the adoration of stationery, but although he got a smaller version of a kit like that for his birthday he doesn’t quite demonstrate quite the level of commitment your young bloke does.
    Grendels last blog post..Affogato Season

  12. Commitment… a double-edged sword. I wouldn’t say that your young bloke lacks it, however. (I’m failing to resist a frisson of admiration at his pencil-hiding abilities, but only because they aren’t my walls.)

  13. I had a kit just like that when I was a kid! In fact, I ended up going through several of them, and was enthused about them for months.
    Caras last blog post..Strip Club Holds Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest

  14. Oh no, my secret fetish is out… Why is it I’m happy to admit to never being able to pass a bookstore without going in, but hesitate to mention the same problem passing a decent stationers?

  15. DEM: I think it’s the Secret Vice of our demographic. Everyone does it, but no-one talks about it, so we’re all ashamed.

  16. mmm stationery…. Officeworks is just a great big department store of temptation!
    dvs last blog post..I remember…

  17. I gave my default goddaughter a much smaller but equally high-quality set of crayons, pencils and poster paints for her fourth birthday, only because she loved to draw and was already showing signs of pathological neatness — I figured that the little Virgo Cat would take a bit of care of it and have the benefit of it for at least a while. Then one day last year when she was 20 we saw one somewhere and I said ‘Look, I gave you one of those for your fourth birthday.’ To which she replied ‘Oh yes, I’ve still got it.’
    Pavlov’s Cats last blog post..Steve Jobs, visionary and hard-nosed realist in one

  18. Not sure about the demographic thing. I have loved stationery for over 50 years, and so does my partner. She especially loves pens. I craved a big tin of Lakeland pencils (24? 48?) from the stationery shop in Kilbirnie, Wellington, NZ, when I was a kid. I was eventually given one for a birthday – 6 colours! What was the point of that? (Of course I now know how short money was, and how expensive imported goods of all kinds were in the 50s.) Because I design things to knit, sometimes in colour, I shouted myself a big box of coloured pencils a few years ago. I love using them.
    M-Hs last blog post..I shouldn’t do it…

  19. Lovely art and colours! I’m a sucker for office supplies (as we call them here in the US), and I had an art set pretty similar to The Lad’s when I was young. So much fun!

  20. I LOVE the third one. I would totally frame it and put it on my wall.

  21. It’s all the different types of paper that get me… rag content, gsm *drools*. I’ve always loved books as artifacts as much as their content. Probably should have become a bookbinder.

  22. *great colours
    *lovely pics
    *great art set
    *good handwriting!

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