Femmostroppo Reader – June 1, 2009

And we’re back! I screwed up the settings for this somehow, but sorted out again now. Bumper crop of links, so check out what’s after the cut as well.

So, onto the items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

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  1. I did that Needs meme. Most of the first page is of people who have already done the meme! *laugh* But I’m especially fond of this one that came up:
    Anna Needs, MIR
    MIR = Masters of International Relations.

  2. Ditto Anna — my name is so common, most of the first ten results are people doing the survey, one result even saying “if you’re doing this survey, comment here”… :-p

  3. K, substituting FP for my own name here (FP by the way turned up nada):
    FP needs to drive the care with the air conditioning off (I assume that’s car)
    FP needs some more people to relate to so she can finally have a friend that no one else is involved with in any way
    FP needs a solicitor who will not daydream at certain key moments during the trial, she needs for someone to help her step forward and make a difference
    FP needs to dirty it up a bit

  4. 1. Jonathan needs a one or two parent family that will set guidelines and be consistent in sticking to those standards (but it’s probably too late)
    2. Jonathan needs to draw up a business plan to demonstrate to potential backers that his idea is a sound investment. (Backers for what, I wonder?)
    3. Jonathan needs to stay on top of the latest technologies (Twitter?)
    4. Jonathan Needs A Haircut! (Always)
    5. Jonathan needs milk (otherwise the muesli tastes terrible)
    6. Jonathan needs your vote today (!)
    7. Jonathan needs an experienced family who has patience and can manage his behavior. (Maybe it’s not too late after all)
    8. Jonathan needs a mixture of 86% oats and 14% corn (to go with the milk)
    9. Jonathan needs MYR 20K for a lung operation (AUD will do, and lose the operation)
    10. Jonathan needs to start drinking more beer (like he needs a hole in the head)

  5. 1. Mindy needs to praise herself for a job well done (and know that someone does appreciate all the shit she handles and all the fire she puts out. (why won’t anyone appreciate how fabulous I am?)
    2. Mindy needs her head examained.
    3. Mindy Needs to Read This. (What? Instructions are what you read when its all gone horribly wrong.)
    4. Mindy needs a wardrobe, shop girl please. (I do need to arrange to have someone build something in the built-in wardrobe space but I think I’d be a bit nicer about it)
    5. Mindy – needs a home in Calverton MD (sure why not)
    6. Mindy needs to focus on putting her life in order, getting and staying sober, and being a mother to her son (and I thought I was doing a good job of that)
    7. Mindy needs someone that has time to give her lots of love and make sure she is safe, as she cannot safely negotiate stairways, or get down from sofas (is this a glimpse of my future?)
    8. Mindy needs a highly structured environment with time set aside to complete all tasks for the day-chores, homework, and employment.*
    9. Mindy needs a new home (I rather like the one I have actually)
    10. Mindy needs a fairly quiet home without children. (at least on occassion, although if they stay away too long I get worried).
    A lot of these are obviously about pets. Although there is a Mindy out there who needs a thesis topic, so there is hope.
    * This Mindy is an 18 year old looking to be adopted. I’m assuming that’s because she won’t legally be an adult until she is 21 (?) but it still struck me as weird.

  6. So, using my real name, given that my ‘nym’s not exactly shared (and skipping the first, which was someone else doing the same meme with rather different results (including ‘WP needs fake titties and then she would be perfect’ which, for the record, people, would head in a Lolo Ferrari direction – and probably all images you google across with her are likely to be NSFW. You were warned).)
    1. WP needs to stop dressing like a slut. Or not. (My grandmother would possibly agree, but most other people are appreciative or quiet. I am scary).
    2. WP needs to zip her parker. (It is gettin’ awful chilly in Sydney these days… ;-))
    3. WP needs coffee . (Perpetually. But I’m an Inner-West coffee snob, so this need is much more specific than it sounds).
    4.WP needs a bigger Al-bra. (I don’t know what that is, but I’ve worked damn hard to get bras that fit, so…)
    5. WP needs some new, hot, cool outfits to wear. (Which is it? Hot? Cool? And if someone wants to fund my shopping, I’m good with that.)
    6. WP needs to overcome all the negative by replacing it with a positive. (I… if it were that simple, honey, the world would be sweet as.)
    7. WP needs her ‘Eric’ time. (I don’t know any Erics, but if I did, I’d be sure to let him know…)
    8. WP needs someone manlier than Justin. (Uh… *snort, giggle*)
    9. WP needs a root touch-up. (This… is probably true. I do love bottle red hair but it requires upkeep and I am lazy.)
    10. WP needs to dress more like Dolly Parton circa 1975. (I… was so intrigued by this, I had to go looking. Apparently glittery jumpsuits are the go. Duly noted.)

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