Femmostroppo Reader – June 7, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • My Ecdysis: The Relationship: Pregnancy, Abortion, Faith, Violence
  • – “So when you ask whether a women has a right to an abortion, all I think of are ALL the things, all the basic things that women don’t have that lead to make her choose between ‘life’ and ‘choice.’ It’s not that simple.”

  • Drop It Like It’s Hot
  • – Renee’s weekly links

  • Thoughts on privilege (by Suzie)
  • – Some opening thoughts on what promises to be a series of posts

  • Are All Men Capable Of Refraining From Rape?
  • – Marcella’s answer is yes, and asks why this isn’t more often posed as the proper question to ask?

  • Can the Internet save Dr. Hern?
  • – “Blogs and social media allowed for quick, plentiful and vociferous responses; online video clips provided sharp counterpoints to right-wing pundits’ and anti-choice activists’ claims that their rhetoric wasn’t inflammatory; and the availability of women’s own stories countered misinformation about late-term abortions. This time, the conversation has been strongly influenced by what Seltzer calls “an engaged, savvy and active blogosphere and twittersphere of feminists that have been able to launch accurate, appropriate language into circulation and gather evidence that this assassination was part of a larger pattern of purposeful hate and intimidation.” “

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