New Hoydens and a new sidebar button

I have been most remiss in not putting up a Welcome post months ago to a few people: various Aussie bloggers who have been Guest Hoydens extraordinaire here for some time now have their very own Hoyden author accounts.

So, a very merry Welcome to Beppie, Mindy and Helen as designated Hoydens!

We’re also keen to see more Guest Hoyden posts so that even more of our regulars can have a front-page voice here. If you write a post elsewhere that feels like it could fit in here at Hoyden, please do contact us about a cross-post. If you don’t have your own blog but you’re burning to write something, let us know. The more the merrier!

Now, onto more mercenary matters: as you may have already noticed, the blog now has a Donate button over in the far right sidebar. If you weren’t part of the previous discussion about fundraising to cover the running costs of the blog, I was initially wary of asking for donations but was persuaded that some people would prefer to donate rather than buying merchandise through various affiliate programmes for T-shirts/mugs/books etc (apologies to those that are keen for a besloganned T-shirt or mug – I have not yet had the time to implement this).

So, for those who have offered donations in the past, and who still want to do so, the button is now there, and any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

I’m in the middle of implementing rather large changes in the webhosting situation – I’m now a web-domain registrant who will shortly have a webhosting business of my own. This will obviously mean that I can control our bandwidth allocation more easily, but it still costs money to run. So, another way of supporting Hoyden that gives you something in return will be to choose to host your website on my server, which will be competitively priced (although not super-discounted as I don’t have the resources to offer some services as loss-leaders like the big companies do).

I’m certainly not asking anyone who is currently satisfied with a free blogging host to move to my paid hosting arrangement. But if you are already paying someone, consider paying me instead?

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  1. Wow – a donation already! You readers rock.

  2. Actually, yes! I am looking for somewhere to host a domain name I have registered and I think it is the sort of site that would sit well with you. Do I contact you via the email on the side bar?

  3. Hi Scarlett, that would be brill. Let’s get this party started!

  4. All of that is such good news! *raises a virtual glass*

  5. Where do I go look for details? I have a number of domains I am responsible for and am not too happy about the current hosting arrangements (like they don’t tell me when my DNS hosting is due to expire – grrr). If the total cost is enough not different to fly under the clients’ radar, and you offer what we need, we’re there.’s last blog post..Leadership? What leadership?

  6. * Shonia, at the moment I’m just tinkering under the hood of my brand new admin interface for the web-hosting, and am yet to actually get a proper selling-site up. I honestly didn’t expect such immediate interest to be expressed. I will get something up over the weekend where you can do all the comparison shopping you need. How large are your client’s sites?
    * Several more donations have appeared. Thanks!

  7. Yay new Hoydens!

    I shall donate at some point in the near future.

  8. I hang my head in shame as I was asked to update my profile ages ago and have not done so. Will do tomorow, as the teachers are having a marking day so I’m at home with the boy. And will chuck some money your way after I’ve got out from under the month of June, or MotorRegoAndFourBills as it’s called on our planet.
    O/T: I see, sadly, that Naomi Wolf (who I’ve never read much, to be honest) is now a card-carrying What About the Menz Mars and Venus Brains convert, who quotes Michael Gurian (!) with approval. Much glee from the Greenslimes of this world, at least over at Troppo, where I learned of this fact.

  9. Ooooh, is it silly of me to feel a little proud that you’re moving into webhosting? lol.

  10. @ amandaw:
    Thanks, amadaw! It’s something that my husband and I have been considering for a while, as a business we can possibly build over a few years, and we found a way to enter it at a low-level while we find our bearings and which covers some of the difficulties HaT’s been having with bandwidth etc.
    We aim to provide a local service for Aussies that is a reliable one-stop shop for small orgs as a start, and build up to offering larger web solutions in future. The servers we will run on are all located in Australia, and we have 24/7/365 tech support to call upon. Not that hosting sites from folks based elsewhere in the world is out of the question, it’s just that the pingtime sometimes matters. The current server is located in Houston, which sometimes creates a definite lag for we blog admins. Readers shouldn’t notice any huge difference when the changeover occurs.

  11. “we have 24/7/365 tech support”
    Glad to see they get a break in leap years! 😉
    (sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 )

  12. @tigtog I am only hosting domains at the moment, and I have one email domain I want to deal with. I don’t know if this is the sort of stuff you want to deal with, and there is no urgency. Take your time, but if you are interested in domain/DNS/email hosting, let me know. I’ve been dealing with the current supplier for years, a few months longer won’t matter. I just figure that if you offer a service I can use, I’d rather throw the wee bit of cash your way than where it is currently going.
    If I can manage to wrangle the time to come to the solstice drinkies, I might have a chat – I have web hosting needs, but there are complications (aren’t there always?) 🙂
    (She says, assuming Tigtog will be there, because she hasn’t actually looked…)

  13. @
    Oh yes, I will definitely be at the Solstice drinkies! Your requirements sound easy enough to deal with – we can have a chat then, no troubles. Or email me beforehand.

  14. Tip O’ the Hat: Tigtog for this exciting development with the web hosting company — congratulations!
    Wag O’ the Finger: Helen, for making me look at CT.

  15. Hm – the more I noodle around in Plesk, the less I like it. For those who are used to managing their own domains, is there anything you particularly love about Plesk? I’m thinking I’ll take a while longer and sort out a cPanel implementation rather than running with the Plesk setup I was given as a default.

  16. I’ve used cPanel and a couple of its alternatives several years back, and always preferred cPanel greatly over the others — I’m sure that helps tons 😉 Took a look @ Plesk homepage, it doesn’t look familiar. Husband uses hostingzoom and I cannot STAND their control panel — it’s clunky, hard to navigate, hard to understand what this page is supposed to do or how to accomplish X, etc. Give me cPanel any day; it’s simple, basic, and universal — use it once, know how to use it for the rest of your life. It has its own faults but hey, it’s easy to figure out how to work around ‘em — that’s the mark of a true programming success IMO.

  17. Thanks to everybody for the donations – we’ve now got AUD$275 inthe kitty, which is handy to cover some expenses associated with swapping databases over to new servers etc.
    I’ve also managed to sort out getting away from Plesk and back onto a cPanel. Some people love Plesk apparently – they reckon it’s good for websites needing lots of automated tasks. It just didn’t meet my expectations, so I’m glad to be sorting out cPanel.
    Cheers to you all!

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