Femmostroppo Reader – June 15, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • I sue in your general direction
  • – “Mynd you, chirøpractic subluxatiøns Kan be pretty nasti…”

  • Don't go down this road, BBC
  • – “It’s a disaster waiting to build: when the newspapers start reporting creationist versions of stories without questioning them, without providing explanations of the fallacies, and without even bringing in authoritative scientific voices to knock their claims down, all you do is feed the confidence of the creationists.”

  • Weekly Feminist Reader
  • – from Feministing

  • More Examples Of Untested Rape Kits
  • – “The problem involves different police forces, but the problem is bigger. Are we as citizens willing to pay for the processing of more forensic evidence? Are we willing to pay more in the short run to develop primary prevention programs to save money and reduce trauma in the long run?”

  • Minutemen leader arrested in double homicide in Arizona
  • – “The body count by the eliminationist wing continues to rise.”

  • Reversing Gender Roles = Courting Family Disaster
  • – “Another fashion spread, this one in Bazaar’s July 2009 issue, mocks the idea that a man can effectively take care of a home and children.”

  • (title unknown)
  • – “Joan Walsh went on Bill O’Reilly’s show to talk about Dr Tiller and lived to tell the tale. She’s written about the experience and I urge you to read it all. It’s just fascinating:”

  • Fascism is not liberal: The profound dishonesty of Jonah Goldberg
  • – “One of the more striking aspects of his dishonesty is how he manipulates his definitions in self-serving fashion that lets him move the goalposts at will, as though we were playing Calvinball.”

  • Linkfest!
  • – from Unapologetically Female

  • Drop It Like It’s Hot
  • – Renee’s weekly links

  • Police Arrest Rape Traffickers, Then Book Trafficked Women on Drug Charges
  • – “Seriously? These women have been held against their will for years and raped by god only knows how many men, and quite likely abused in other ways as well. Finally, it looks as though the worst part of their nightmare just might be coming to an end, when police decide to add insult to injury with a criminal charge on their record.”

  • This is why the GOP is failing to win over the mighty middle
  • – “The Republicans have out-and-out bigots peppered in leadership who find safe harbor in the party, and every once in a while these numbskull racists get the wild hair and cut loose when they think no one is watching.”

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  1. Argh! It makes me crazy that chiropractors have hijacked the word “subluxation” and widened its meaning so it’s essentially meaningless.
    Because of my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome I get partial dislocations of joints (“subluxations” – original meaning) frequently and in some joints every time they’re moved. Trust me, these are nothing like the ones the chiropractors tell you you have. If I have my arm in a sling and you ask why and I say “I subluxed my shoulder pretty badly last night when I rolled over in my sleep” then I’m likely to go stroppo if you respond that you have 8 subluxes in your back your chiropractor told you so and what am I whinging about?
    Within the EDS patient and medical community to “sublux” a joint is understood to mean a partial dislocation event and treated with due seriousness. When I accidentally use the same term outside this community with somebody familiar with the chiropractic re-definition of it, I get frustrated. It wastes lots of precious spoons to have to backtrack and explain no you don’t mean the same thing that the chiropractor said.
    And then my linguistics major pops up in my head and explains that language is evolving and descriptive not prescriptive and I get all confused about how I’m feeling!

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