Gratuitous Eddie Izzard blogging

Because it came up in conversation at lunch today, please enjoy this classic routine: The Death Star canteen.

And here’s the animated Lego Version

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  1. Seems I have reading fail, I missed seeing you’d put the lego version link there.

  2. No worries – a backup link ensures that more people will see Lego-Izzard-y goodness!
    I’m also unreasonably fond of James Bond and the jam trousers.

  3. I love that routine! Mini FP and I watch til we’re rolling around laughing…I think my favourite is ‘for I would HACK at your NECK with the thin bit til the blood flowed’, and his nervous laughter afterwards.

  4. I watched the Eddie stage version first, and I was sure that the canteen person was a woman. Then I watched the lego version with a bloke (although I suppose it’s difficult to tell with lego, do they even have female figures?).

  5. I had only seen the lego version before, now I can’t decide whether the stage or lego is better, both – hilarious!

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