Femmostroppo Reader – October 1, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Tickle Me Elmo and the Gangster Meme
  • – “So let’s trace the evolution of the gangster meme.”

  • quot;Apologize.quot;
  • – “I just wanted to share this story about one person making a small, but maybe one day large, dent in our rape culture.”

  • Wednesday Blogaround
  • – links from Liss

  • Before the French-bashing starts, it appears the French public has its own mind!
  • – “75% of the people polled wanted Roman Polanski arrested and brought to justice. So hold onto those freedom fries, and ask yourself: why is the idea that raping a thirteen-year-old girl is wrong so hard for some people to grasp? If Polanski had raped a thirteen-year-old boy, his ass would be toast. In fact, the Catholic priest scandal didn’t break wide open till it affected boys. Girls, though? Girls are evidently non-persons. It’s open season on them. “

  • Her Reasons Are Not Yours
  • – “She’s not motivated by sympathy—in fact, she has explicitly said she harbors no “hard feelings” but also feels “no sympathy” for Polanski, and in recent years publicly stated she wished he’s come back just so she could put the whole thing behind her, irrespective of the outcome.brbrWhat Gailey quite evidently wants is this shit to end. She wants closure—something Polanski has been cruelly denying her for three decades while living as a fugitive.”

  • The Fifth Carnival of Feminists
  • – linkalicious!

  • Polanski Part II
  • – “Neither man here (Mansfield and an academic) mention that for crimes of rape, globally, prosecution and conviction rates are appallingly low and that in this saying this is an insubstantial or unworthy crime to follow through on is denigrating every single rape and child sexual abuse survivor in the world.”

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