Femmostroppo Reader – October 8, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • But Plumber Chicks Are HAWT!
  • – “How long till someone shows up to accuse me of having no sense of humor, of reading too much into a “simple” commercial (like any commercial is ever simple), and all the other familiar, tired, tiresome complaints one hears whenever one dares to notice the miasma of gender smog permeating our lives?”

  • Good news for aspiring writers!
  • – “Note the interesting elision from ‘polygamy’ in the headline to ‘polygyny’ in the article, and ponder on whether it was a nodding sub or a deliberate way to make this bilge look more palatable, or what.”

  • The Lost Polanski Transcripts – The Daily Beast
  • – “Bottom line: Polanski’s story about getting sold a bill of goods so the judge could sell him down the river is bunk. Few defendants were ever more thoroughly warned of the sentence they faced and the power of the judge to impose it as Roman Polanski.”

  • Trad’s traditional argument for polygamy
  • – gender essentialism is all Trad’s got

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  1. I… lurk here.
    And I… wrote a post about Vulvodynia & US health care.
    I would ask that you also look at Jeanne’s thoughts on health care reform. She lives with overlapping conditions, including vulvodynia, among other things (fibro, endo, and more…) She does a lot of Tweeting. At least one of her tweets asked that readers get word about her tweets & posts out so I’m trying.

  2. just stumbled across this, much to my dsimay! which has got my brow all furrowed
    Because it’s not enough to demonise women getting abortions, now you have to record it for all to see! Reminder to keep on our toes about ‘abortion reform’ here in aus.

  3. I can’t even start.
    Is this for real? Did people actually go on Australian t.v. in Blackface? For real?
    http://movingthecrowd.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-dont-even-know-how-i-should-title.html <– offensive images, omg.

  4. Yes. They did. Yes, it’s bad. It probably doesn’t carry quite the same cultural weight as it does in the US: we may have done our best to wipe out the indigenous inhabitants of Australia, but when we enslaved people, it was white convicts, on a temporary basis, so the version of slavery in Australia is probably more amenable to a class analysis than a race analysis. Even so, the skit in blackface is still a massive display of racism.

  5. I’ve been worrying about the last comment I made… y’know, sleepless and all that, so I thought I had better make it clear that I think that blackface is offensive no matter what. The only thing I was trying to say (not very well) was that racism against black people in Australia doesn’t have the added resonance of a history of enslaving black people. I don’t think that excuses the racism at all.

  6. Whoa, it might not look exactly like it did in America, but we absolutely DO have a history of enslaving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people here.

    • Quite right, Linda – and our ancestors/predecessors in this country weren’t even honest enough to refer to their indigenous and Kanaka labourers as slaves.

  7. I’m sorry – I was wrong about the history of slavery in Australia. I was thinking of the whole awful practice of literally selling people at markets set up for that very purpose, together with legal structures set up to make it possible i.e. formal and recognised systems of slavery. Of course, slavery was formally banned throughout the British Empire at the start of the nineteenth century, but that didn’t stop the practice, nor the development of structures that were so like slavery that it is disingenuous (at best )to call them anything else.

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