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Enough of the cute and furry! Today’s otter-related snippet comes via Neatorama. “Sea Otter Boogers” are a candied black-bean snack sold in Japan. See the whole pack and a close-up here at Pink Tentacle.

otter booger snacks

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. After the news that Emma Thompson had signed that petition I am so happy to see that a few of my favourite directors have not: Claire Denis, Atom Egoyan, Terence Malick. Not that that necessarily means anything good but at the moment I will take comfort wherever I can.
    An episode of 7.30 report last week (?) has freaked me out more than a little with the way it used instances of parents killing their children or adult offspring as evidence in favour of reforming the model for funding disability services. Like many others I have had moments when I have wondered if I would be able to get up and do it all again tomorrow but the question that haunted me late at night has always been “will I be forced to surrender my child to the state” not “will I commit murder/suicide”. It is no secret how desperately under resourced disability services are but murder is not a natural consequence when carers become burnt out or face their own imminent death. It is the natural consequence of seeing the person who has the disability not as a separate person but as merely a parasitic offshoot whose interests are identical with those of the people who care for them. I’m preaching to the choir here I know but the casualness with which these dangerous dehumanizing attitudes are accepted is horrifying.
    I had a bizaare accident which would be funny if it were not so painful – the tip of a match dislodged as I struck it and stuck to my eyelid. So now I have a burn in a most inconvenient place. /whining

  2. *hugs* That’s not whining, Su! Ouch!!
    I’ve been a bit horrified by the people who’ve signed that petition! I know that my investment in them being good people is really quite silly – I don’t know any of them, and what I do know of them says nothing about their being decent, reasonably progressive people – but oh wow! So many names whose movies I had appreciated, and sometimes for their capacity to humanise those too often othered, and now it turns out that those who are raped don’t fit in that category? 😦
    And I just can’t think of what to say about the situation with disability services and carers at the moment… because oh god, completely devastating.

  3. Thanks WP.

    So many names whose movies I had appreciated, and sometimes for their capacity to humanise those too often othered, and now it turns out that those who are raped don’t fit in that category?

    Word. And I feel kind of complicit because of all the times I saw sexism in for eg Kundera’s novels and just kind of bleeped over it like a child ignores words they don’t understand, so that I could enjoy all of the good parts. It makes me wonder about the argument that we should separate the art from the artist and that we can still appreciate the former. That undercurrent of misogyny may not negate the artistic value of the work but it should seriously detract.

  4. Well, I guess I don’t see it as we ‘should’ separate the art from the artist, but more that I clearly need to be more explicit about acknowledging that my reading is my reading; this is, when those who are usually othered are treated differently in a movie, that’s likely me doing that work, not the artist!! Which would probably lower my expectations of all artistic types everywhere and increase my calling out of their real-life lack of ethics! ;-P Which clearly would not be altogether a bad thing!
    That said, I couldn’t bear Kundera for both the misogyny and the alleged profundity of that misogyny, so 😉 y’know! But I totally hear what you’re saying. 🙂

  5. Yes, it took me a while to catch on : / I think I just went on employing that childhood strategy of identifying with the male characters when the depiction of women became alienating.
    Beppie’s thesis is about some of this stuff isn’t it? Beppie? Paging Beppie : )

  6. Still getting my head around the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarding it to Obama – it seems awfully like painting a target on his back, when he hasn’t done anything much yet to determine what his net effect on world peace will be.
    Glenn Greenwald:

    Through no fault of his own, Obama presides over a massive war-making state that spends on its military close to what the rest of the world spends combined. The U.S. accounts for almost 70% of worldwide arms sales. We’re currently occupying and waging wars in two separate Muslim countries and making clear we reserve the “right” to attack a third. Someone who made meaningful changes to those realities would truly be a man of peace. It’s unreasonable to expect that Obama would magically transform all of this in nine months, and he certainly hasn’t. Instead, he presides over it and is continuing much of it. One can reasonably debate how much blame he merits for all of that, but there are simply no meaningful “peace” accomplishment in his record — at least not yet — and there’s plenty of the opposite. That’s what makes this Prize so painfully and self-evidently ludicrous.

  7. Didn’t they give it to Kissinger? So this is not the award’s first foray into ludicrous. I’m very unimpressed, however, with the prize being awarded for good intentions, still less with it being awarded for other people projecting their own good intentions onto someone.

  8. My heart desires food! I love eating!
    I had a som tum, and especially requested “hot”, at Spice I Am today. I hope pregnancy heartburn is a while away yet because that was useful for my soul. I’m having a weekend in Melbourne next month and I have rearranged my loose itinerary to include tom yum goong at Ying Thai before italian hot chocolate at Brunetti’s. Just made ginger biscuits to this recipe (with a couple of tablespoons of golden syrup for a bit of extra stickness, and fresh chopped ginger instead of ground).

  9. I bought a new TV for my Mum to replace the 15 year old one they were using because I wasn’t sure it would cope with a set top box. Got a really good deal at HN when they were having a big sale, which turned into an even better deal when after 20 minutes freezing at the warehouse they came back to say that they couldn’t find the TV I had purchased and gave me the next size up instead at no extra cost. Hubby installed it yesterday and it works like a dream. So nice to be finally able to do something for my Mum (who is on a pension as is her partner) after all she did for me.

  10. “Didn’t they give it to Kissinger? So this is not the award’s first foray into ludicrous. ”
    Indeed, and the musical satirist Tom Lehrer remarked that “political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Prize.”

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