Otterday! And Open Thread.

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Today’s otter comes via MyAngel 27 on flickr. The bronze statue is from the Asia Trail at the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington DC, USA.

bronze otter statue

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Well, those of you who haven’t yet been put off following me on Twitter will already know that this week, which otherwise went quite well, I accidentally left 30-odd marked essays on the train. Which were due to be handed back on Friday. Sigh. Sigh And Sigh some more. This weekend, as a result, is meant to be spent re-scrawling comments all over them.
    Oh, and I forgot to submit my timesheets, creating a big black financial hole in the middle of next week.
    In good news, though, I had a compliment on a lecture I gave on Monday that made me grin. I went to karaoke with friends last night which was so much fun. I might have a new date. I have only one more week of classes for one of my courses. And tonight, I am drinking cocktails with some very lovely people, all dressed up!

  2. I accidentally left 30-odd marked essays on the train
    That’s always been one of my little nightmares – my sympathy, especially for having to re-do all the work. I’ve got two weeks to go in one course, three weeks in another (at another university – why yes, I am one of those exploited sessional assistants who will never get a real job, ‘though one way and another I am setting about changing that) and a lovely set of chills and fever. I spent the morning in bed, but promptly burst into shakes when I got up for lunch. My partner is looking after me very lovingly. On the bright side, from where I’m sitting in the lounge, I can see masses of bursting buds and new flowers on the somewhat shaggy Iceburg roses in our front yard. Also, next week will be warm, at last.
    Also, during the week, I went totally blank on my university user name, just as I was trying to log in so I could call up my lecture slides. I had to ring up the IT Help desk to get them to help me, all while my students tried not to laugh too loud.

  3. Oh noes, WP. At least you had other copies of them? Its all done electronically?
    As for moi, this week I got a new job — my perfect job, really so I am still walking on air over it. This week however I have to move flat which will bring me back down to earth with an almighty thud … 😉
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Free Tom Waits =-.

  4. We just got back from our holiday a bit over an hour ago. All very pleasant and relaxing, but now we just want to flop after our long drive and get reacquainted with high speed broadband.
    Commiserations to WP, Congrats to Amanda, and fingers crossed for Deborah with ‘real-job’.

  5. Amanda – saw Tom Waits on the Glitter and Doom tour last year, so thrilled to get word there’s a live album coming out. Thanks for the heads up. Never been so grateful for being in the right place at the right time; it was indescribable.

  6. Tigtog, it sounds like you should be having takeaways and nice glass of wine for dinner.

  7. Welcome back tigtog!

  8. Glad to be back! What with the launch straight after coming back from hols, and two birthdays in the family in the past week also, I’m at a very low ebb physically right now – but happy as a clam.

  9. TigTog, I’m glad you’re back. ❤
    WP, Ack! Ack ack!
    Tired Anna is tired. I’m reading a really awesome book right now (well, by which I mean I’m reading about 15 books right now for uni, but I’m reading this one really slowly) about Disability & Feminism. Wendell, Susan. The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability. It’s from 1996 and it seems everyone’s read it but me.
    I’m just finishing her awesome chapter about definitions of disability, and it is awesome. 🙂

  10. Thanks to Lauredhel and friends for your fantastic new feminist/disability site. Have been quietly sucking up information 🙂
    I made my first no-dig garden bed today – absolutely tiny, but as our garden beds are full of long-term stuff (eg artichokes, raspberries) needed a place for faster growing lettuces, etc. And planted borlotti beans and leeks – happy, happy, happy.

  11. Zoe: Glad you like it! We’ve had some interesting times already, but we’re looking forward to the ongoing project.
    Your garden sounds great. We’re harvesting rocket and cos at a rapid rate, the beans are burgeoning, the leeks are growing slowly but steadily, and the carrots are about ready to pull.

  12. I’m another fan of the new FWD. I’ve just started studying Social Policy, and the fact that I have feminist and disability rights based stuff on my reading list is making me happy.
    Also, I got a First on one of the essays I did in a recent exam. I’ve never got a First before. It’s made me happy too.

  13. Ok, just went and waded through the spam that built up over the week and released a few of you that the spaminator got a bit antsy on. If anyone was wondering why your comment that you thought had disappeared has just shown up, that’s the reason.

  14. Just posting a link to a picture for no reason except that it made me LOL:

  15. Oh noes indeed WP.. I once spent a day chasing down a student’s lost essay, not very fun in deed.
    Congrats to Amanda on your new job, Zoe and your no dig garden, and Kirstente on your first. I hope there’s plenty of wooping..
    Lauredhel – an o/s feminist blog that I read daily featured the new blog on their website which was fantastic. In particular they directly linked to the etymology of words section..
    Zoe, I’m waiting for the semester to be over so I can spend more time in the garden, building another plot to grow veges.. any advice very greatly appreciated.. I especially like the idea of no dig..
    Helen, thanks for the fantastic laugh; showed the significant other and we both were having big belly laughs..

  16. I have never heard of a no-dig garden before. *is off to learn*

  17. I just this minute finally sent a message to Emma Thompson about the Polanski petition, via her agent’s email address. It’s taken me this long to do it, because I kept shying away from actually putting down the words. Isn’t that ridiculous? I think at some level I always thought that if I were to attempt to have a conversation with her it would be about Shakespeare. Now I just feel really sad.

  18. Just got into a 2 hour argument with disability worker after I explained that you cannot a)use abstract concepts and b)speak in a constant uninterrupted stream to a child with autism and limited receptive language. I pretty much lost it half an hour in because while admitting that he had no knowledge of his own, this worker was openly skeptical of my attempts to educate him and tried to rationalize that his “communication” with my son (who was shouting “no!” repeatedly while said worker told him that his non-compliance was just “playing games”) was productive because the frustration (of not understanding and of having someone ignore your “no”) would motivate him to become compliant.
    I am gutted because my options are now to stop the service thereby ruining an established routine and throwing my son into chaos or continuing with someone who is willfully ignorant and has demonstrated a number of times now that they are contemptuous of theoretical knowledge in any shape or form and particularly when imparted by a woman.
    Fuck it.

  19. Su: Gah. That sounds violently frustrating. Is this a new worker?

  20. That sounds atrocious, su. 😦 I’m so sorry that’s happening to you and your son.

  21. Watching John Safran’s new show. Have just turned ten times gayer.

  22. No, Lauredhel, he has been with us for more than a year and has been quite good up until now. But I became concerned when he began challenging the trainers in a course I and some of my son’s support workers attended about how to pre-empt and respond to challenging behaviours and then in a recent meeting with our OT and Speech Pathologist he interrupted to tell us how we “should” be doing things, not even framing it as a suggestion or indicating tentativeness in any way. All of a sudden it became clear to me that he doesn’t like to be in the role of student and just acts as if his knowledge is on par with others. There is so little professional development for frontline workers and he hasn’t done any informal research and seems to think it unnecessary.
    I have no idea how I managed to end up in a prolonged brawl over it, I should have just cut it short and said I’d email some resources to the case manager or something. But I was tired and cooking dinner and kind of stunned that he kept challenging what is really 101 level stuff so I ended up shouty and shaky and horrified by it all. 😦
    ETA: Thanks Anna. My Longwinded reply meant we crossposted : )

  23. Oh, blimey – there I was hoping that he was a newbie and therefore more likely to be educable. I’m sorry.

  24. I know it’s almost time for a new open thread, but I think this thread on Australian women at Flickr (from the State Library of NSW) is kinda cool:
    Though the inclusion of the photo of unnamed “debutantes” made me blink a bit, give the album description.

  25. Can anyone recommend a good, preferably on-line, course for learning how to do stuff with and to web sites for someone with no understanding of HTML at all?
    @ su – I hope you can find a way around this guy. Keep good notes of what he does in case you need to make a formal complaint (sorry, I’m probably teaching you to suck eggs). I just wish I had something practical to offer you.

  26. I need to be able to go into a set up website, which is reasonably basic and put a big red button (well maybe not red) on it which says “Register here” and links to a registration page.

    • OK, you can either create an image of the button, add it to the page/sidebar and then put the link code around the image, or you can use HTML style classes to create a coloured background/border around your “Register here” text and have that link as normal – which sounds better to you?
      [edit] eg to create it with CSS as follows (which will link to your comment above)
      Register here
      You would use the following HTML [non-functioning code example deleted]
      Edit 2 – damn the code tags didn’t work. Have to run for about 20 mins
      Edit 3 – added a few extra styling bits

  27. The W3C schools site is good value as a ready reference, Mindy.

  28. Oh, Su, how horrible! It does sound like you might have to go to the higher-ups: it can be so frustrating, though, to wind up having to rely on someone else’s capacity to fire someone in order to be heard! My sincerest sympathies. It does show, too how important training of even low-level carers is, doesn’t it? Oh, but right; no money 😦

  29. Thanks TT and Liam. It doesn’t really matter how it gets there Tigtog, as long as it is easy to see and takes them where they want to go. For me, I have no experience with website managing/editing/anything whatsoever, so whatever you think is the easiest for a complete beginner.
    My next question – Windows 7 or Mac?

    • Windows/Mac – you’re starting to talk religion there, Mindy!
      I’d probably use code similar to what I have on this page (colours totally customisable) and put it in the sidebar, Mindy. There should be an editing function and a place where you can edit the sidebar in the admin interface for the site.

  30. Thanks for all the hugs and advice -all gratefully received I can tell you, documenting things is one of those tasks I have let slip but it is really necessary. Yes no money for training is just right WP, and all the people I know who do have knowledge of autism work in management positions. Things are looking up though- a case meeting has been called. Thanks again everyone.
    Aphie your link made me smile. National archives uploading to flickr have resulted in me losing untold hours. Here is a favourite photo from the Netherlands:, and the very next in the stream is of Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst

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