Virtual Travelling – Ceci n’est pas cinq parasols

This photo is actually untitled by the artist, but I feel this piece of conceptual art photography has more than a touch of the spirit of Magritte.

5 people holding black umbrellas overhead in the middle of a sunny field while seated on boxes and ladders
originally uploaded by diabolical

Anyone seen any other interesting art photos lately?

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5 replies

  1. Yes. But they’ll make you cry, despite having the word “journey” in the title.
    Sleep tight, sweet boy.

  2. Oui, very Magritte. If I see anything, I will have to handcopy the link, sigh.

  3. @ Helen
    I only made it to number 7. I almost copped out at number 5. There should be a “not safe for work you will be desperately blotting your eyes and hoping a co-worker doesn’t suddenly want to speak to you” warning. If you work in an open plan office don’t even try it. And most of those 7 were happy ones. God even typing that has made the tears start again. Can I cancel today and try again tomorrow?

  4. Further to my last comment – I looked at the rest, ignore the numbers above I got them all wrong. Also, make sure you are somewhere you can gave a really good cry, and if possible a hug from someone afterward. Of course YMMV.

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