Otterday! And Open Thread.

three otters in an ice cave looking down on a frozen pondIt’s Otterday! Today’s river otters were photographed at Yellowstone – please go check out the rest of the photos at Laurie’s Blog.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I am really on my last nerve with woo. My mother is into homeopathy and is generally good about it but my brother-in-law can’t help but mansplain and then my mother gets her back up and refuses to change her mind and it’s all irritating. Add to that getting told on another forum that I can’t talk about the unreliability of natural methods for gallstones unless I’ve tried them myself (obv. an option with a 2 month old, no family help and a liver beginning to malfunction) – apparently science needn’t apply to “IT WORKED FOR ME”.
    But my daughter just started using Mamamamamamamama instead of just saying it, so I can’t be too pissy!

  2. Tired and pissy this Saturday. It’s miniFP’s birthday and I woke up after FAR too little sleep. I’ve confirmed bookings for birthday lunches, cleaned, tidied, tidied some more, washed, dried, organised and harrassed miniFP to do some homework on his 13th birthday. Plus a surprise visit from the alienated ex-mother-in-law. She flew in and was all strange about miniFPs mannerisms and his interest in the envelope she handed him and it was awkward and upsetting and agitating. I had to just ignore having felt judged and ill at ease because there’s nothing I can do about her or her judgments. Trying to get myself in a better mood for b’day dinner/movie/sleepover tonight but honestly? I’m down, I’m still sick, I’m waiting for my period and I feel anti-social.
    Just read your last post geek anachronism. Some tough choices you’re dealing with there! My sympathies, and best wishes for the next few months and beyond. “Mamamama” is very cute though!

  3. (Think my comment got lost?) Just whinging about my low mood, still feeling sick, the surprise Mother-In-Law-visit, feeling exhausted by parenting and waiting for my periods to turn up and to lighten my outlook a little. I AM GROUCHINESS.
    Just read your last post geek anachronism. Sorry the choices/outcomes are so difficult/fraught! Best of luck with everything.
    “Mamamama” is just too cute.

  4. Has your Mum ever had it explained to her. I know lots of people just lump it in with natrapathy, herbal stuff and don’t realise how even more dumb it is than the rest of the woo.
    There are some good sites that explain it and show it up for what it is.
    (That said there are plently of people who know and still believe it..which i don’t understand, once its been explained how can you still think its viable)
    My Brother in law, who is a total skeptic (yay to marry into a like minded family), was around my place the other week and picked up one of my many books (i can’t remember which one something by either Martin Gardner, Shermer, Randi or Dawkins) started reading, looked up and said ” wow it that what homeopathy is?” He would have never used it but till then never knew the supposed ‘science’ behind it was.
    Good luck with everything.
    In less than 24hours my sister and family arrive in the US for a visit. Have not seen them in 2 years. My niece and nephew are now 12 and 15…wow!
    We are spending a week in Mexico to climb pyramids, and a few weeks in AZ to hang out and catch up. Very happy.

  5. Just took my car in to get serviced only to be told an hour later that the cost of all the repairs desperately needed for it to be safe to drive would cost me more than I bought the car for. Ugh. Walked home with the number plates and all my stuff loaded in my bag… and my bag strap broke!
    I bought the car 3 years ago for $600 so I definitely got my moneys worth but I’m feeling very morose.

  6. @geek anachronism Erk. That saounds rather fraught and difficult. Good luck with it.
    @fuckpoliteness I’m sorry you’ve had a tough day. Happy birthday to miniFP.
    @Coz W00t! I hope you have a nice visit with family!folk. 🙂
    I had a lovely afternoon/evening with WildlyParenthetical; we had lunch and saw Bran Nue Dae, which was pretty fun. I also introduced her to Lego Rock Band, which was fun indeed. 😀
    Also, I’m still awake at 8:30pm which is cause for pleasant surprise given my track record with sleepy of late whilst adjusting to new meds.

  7. I am fretting about the imminent Asian Women Blog Carnival! If anyone wants to submit for it I would really appreciate it!

  8. @steph – I want to submit, cos I absolutely adore the theme, it’s just a matter of getting my brain to co-operate long enough to string thoughts together, which is difficult at the moment. :/ I am gonna give it a go, tho.

  9. Coz, please don’t lump herbal medicines, many of which work and many of which have given rise to actual medicines (like willow bark to asprin, poppies to morphine, etc) in with homeopathy, which is a load of nonsense, and definitely woo.

  10. Thanks @Jennifer…I’m getting there. A little more sleep and a little LESS HUMIDITY would help somewhat! Oh well…off to do the ironing, that should improve matters! ;p

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