All rain and slow internets makes tigtog something something…

Morbidly concerned with appropriate discipline for a teen who downloaded several gigs of Youtubes the other weekend for a start. I’m on 64kbps until next Monday unless I dive into my netbook’s mobile broadband allowance.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Dog continues fine, thanks for your concern for him!
    I was looking for that wonderful word I learned from you recently – ‘sequelae’ – but his eyes, coat and demeanour all say he’s in perfect health.

  2. I’m morbidly concerned with getting through Tuesday through Friday, when it will undoubtedly be just as humid as it is now, but hotter and sunnier! Ew. Dear teeny babies: why don’t you come with an inbuilt need for very moderate amounts of skin-to-skin contact?

  3. Lots of sympathy for you Mary. Sometimes a hand placed gently on a little tummy or back used to work for me. Of course if he is wanting to feed that is difference. I hope you are each other despite the heat.

  4. Oh!! Damned teens and Youtubes!!! MiniFP is a Youtube fiend! (It’s all the ‘funny cat’ vids though so I can understand a little). Well I’ve been whinging about wanting my period and here it is, Monday morning, making me sore…on top of this I set my alarm for 6:25 a.m to comfortably make the 8:15 a.m appointment at miniFP’s school today…except I woke up without the alarm…at 7:55!!! I was nearly half an hour late…WAAAAAAAAAAA!! But it went well and I’m home with coffee and toast, so not so bad.
    And Mary, off to catch up on your stories! I had no idea your bub had arrived!

  5. Mindy: at the moment there’s definitely more than an even chance that he wants to feed!
    We’re doing pretty well in general. I am definitely looking forward to the end of the “awake means miserable” phase of babyhood though.

  6. No recreational internet for XYZ time period? Paying for an increase in download allowance out of pocket money?

    My weekend was ok. Partner was away, so the Lad and I kicked back for lots of Diana Wynne Jones, pizza, and a Buffython.

  7. Urgh I was recently forced to change service providers ( student accommodation is a bit authoritarian like that ;)). I went from a 20 GB limit per month, to a measly 5 GB limit for about the same price. I’ve already used 3 gigs in the past 5 days, so this’ll be an interesting month….

  8. We’ve been running right to the limit on internet usage during the holidays, but that’s OK because if we’ve paid for it I’d like us to use it.
    House rule is that big files (iTunes, YouTube, IView, softward updates etc) can only be downloaded in our plan’s “free” time between midnight and midday. In term time that’s effectively only Saturday morning. And if you’re not paying the bill you gotta ask first. It seems to work.

  9. We have been buried under 3 feet of snow this past weekend, and we’re getting another snowstorm tonight/tomorrow. I’m at home because the Federal government in Washington DC is closed, which is good because I can’t get my car out of its parking space.
    We upgraded to a very expensive unlimited cable intarwebs package, but I need it for my side business, which is designing embroidery patterns (need to send large pdfs, and such).

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