Otterday! And Open Thread.

This may or may not be an otter trail. Whether it is or not, I don’t really care – it’s a gorgeous scene. [Source.]


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. My mum is coming to visit! She arrives Monday, for a week. We’re all very excited; my girls were literally jumping and skipping with glee. It’s a last minute visit – she only booked the fares this morning. I’m planning a trip to Strathalbyn in the Adelaide hills to poke around the antique shops, and a fringe concert, Jane Austen’s music, and lots and lots of talking and just being together.

  2. My mum’s new poetry book arrived in the mail on Friday afternoon. It’s so exciting, and so pretty, and so nice to stroke the lovely cover, and flick through, being impressed all over again by her writing. It really is so great; we discussed the fabulous politics of echoing Tennyson whilst recounting a conversation between Judith’s maid and the guard outside the tent where the whole decapitation thing was going on… I’m still hoping to make it to Adelaide for the launch at Writers’ Week—come along, Adelaide hoydenizens! I’m almost tempted to try and schedule a meet-up with a stack of you!—but this will all depend on the work situation. As tweepy types already know, I’m *still* waiting to hear whether I have teaching this semester. Which starts in about 10 days. Unfortunately, this will also define whether or not I can move back to Sydney from (the farout outskirts of) Canberra. Y’know how occasionally a situation is made excessively horrible to make you realise that you need to change it? Yeah. I need a permanent position. That’s it.

  3. We got a new KITTEH! It’s actually only a very short time since we had to have our old cat put down, she had a tumour in her jaw. But we both missed having a cat about so much (as well as missing her for herself, clearly) I pretty much started looking for another Siamese that needed a home straight away, and found a nine year old boy whose elderly owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. He’s called Cocoa, and he’s currently hiding in my wardrobe (or as Hugo calls it, “Narnia”)
    The ad for him said he was a chocolate point, thus the name, but he looks very much like a seal point, and his vet records say seal point, so I’m going with that.

  4. Hurrah for ‘good news-y’ weekends!
    Your plans with your Mum sound delightful Deborah. And I wanna see your Mummy’s BOOK WP!!!
    Little bit jealous of your kitteh news Rebekka. Hehe, Narnia.
    Just got home from miniFP’s 13 b’day party. Took a bunch of his friends to a 3D version of Avatar. My brain hurts a little. You know that movie feels like it’s split right down the middle all ‘ohh, nature good, killing bad’ then the second half of ‘WHOOOOO carnage!’. Also it’s an AWFUL script. However I didn’t mind it as much the second time around as I expected to…helps to go in expecting to hate every second. But I got to hang out with the boys for a good 40 mins afterwards, watching them jump around and laugh and goof off and play ‘coke can soccer’. Glad to be home though. Going to eat a stack of veggies to counteract the massive amounts of sugar consumed at the party, pack for miniFP’s camp and watch the last 3 eps of Season 1 of Weeds.

  5. I’d be happier if they weren’t having some sort of music from musicals concert in the local park, I think it’s half the reason he won’t come out from Narnia. 13th birthday party sounds win.

  6. I am not having a period again while I’m on the pill. The hell of going ON and OFF the hormones is too much.
    I’d contribute more to the conversation, but my uterus is tying itself in a knot.
    Love youse alls!

  7. Ugh, sympathy, Nacey! My uterus ties itself in knots twice a month when I get my period and when I’m ovulating.
    I have been horrified and angered this past week by how many people I’m discovering in my life are actually anti-choice and use awful judgemental language around abortions and the women who get them. It makes me want to stomp around like a cranky six year old, expressing my general crank and frustration at the world.

  8. Yay! for Mum visits, books, kittehs and parties 🙂 and Boo! for lack of work, uncooperative bodies and bigotry 😦
    I’ve spent my weekend so far on going to see Adam Hills at the Comedy Club last night and working on the P&C blog for most of today. Hillsy was awesome and the blog is coming along nicely*, now all I have to do is get the school parents to use the damn thing.
    *At least, I think it is!
    .-= mimbles´s last blog ..Anglo-Saxon cooking spree =-.

  9. I like the P&C blog too, Mim. I’ve just joined the governing council at my girls’ school, and one of the things that the principal wants to think about and work on this year is creating an authentic voice for parents. If I may, can I direct other parents on the council to go take a look at your P&C blog?

  10. Thanks for the nice feedback on the blog 🙂 Deborah, yes, by all means show it around. There’s not much happening by way of community activity on there yet, but it’s early days yet, even though it was set up some time ago it’s only now that I’ve started getting all the content in place.

  11. Hey everyone! It’s kilt day again!
    … I just thought we all should know. I look forward to this day all year.
    Also, my life is going surprisingly well! Presently I’m mostly occupied with trying to sell the house and all the little tasks that entails. I’m also worrying about going back to uni in a couple of weeks and hoping I’m well enough to do so.
    Hugs for all. 😀

  12. (As some of you may know via Twitter) I am very excited today, because I have just picked up my thesis (soft bound) from the printer -ready to submit tomorrow! Woot! I’ve had a bit of a poke through it and 1) It looks like a thesis and 2) I so far haven’t spotted any glaring typos (I will try not to go through it with a fine tooth comb because as this stage of the game its too late to remedy them).
    Am starting to feel very relieved.

  13. @Rayedish Yaaaay! 🙂

  14. We picked up mine at the printers, and then went straight around to the courier company to send it over to Canberra, where the secretary from my department was going to do the physical submission for me. Then we went back home, and I propped myself up on the sofa (six months preggy with twins), and put my copies beside me, and stroked them. Eventually I opened one to take a proud look, and fuck! Right there, the very first thing that caught my eye, was a bloody typo.
    Don’t look, Rayedish. Just don’t look. I hope you are able to take some time to celebrate tomorrow when you hand it in. Skipping down the corridor is strongly recommended, accompanied by shouts of triumph.

    • Hurray for Rayedish! If I was not having a delightful bout of gastric upset especially for Valentine’s Day, I’d raise a glass of vodka mock-mojito in your honour.

  15. Well done Rayedish!
    I’ve got to the making words happen stage 0f thesis-writing, and I’m slightly worried there won’t be enough of them.

  16. MIMBLES!! P & C blog. Orsum. Must think about starting one for the Friends of Scarysuburb High, but must think it through and not start some wondrous project that I don’t follow through on.

  17. A very quick checking in, just so you don’t think I’ve disappeared completely. Been awfully busy setting up new life. Wellington is gorgeous, come and visit.

    • orlando, great to hear from you! Wellington is gorgeous, and although I often think of it as a bit on the soggy side, it can’t be soggier than Sydney at the moment!

  18. Thesis duly submitted a nine o’clock this morning, yay! Thank you all for your congratulations, it feels awesome to be able to share this moment with this lovely online community.
    tigtog – I hope that you are feeling better.

  19. So what now Rayedish, or are you putting off thinking about that for a while and just basking in the glow? Congratulations.

  20. Oh wow, *happydance* for you, Rayedish! Congratulations; what a huge, huge and fantastic achievement! I hope there has been bubbly drinking and much spoiling of you. Enjoy the aftermath as much as you can, my friend!

  21. Rayedish!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  22. Go Rayedish! 😀
    @mimbles, great macro.
    I’m missing Australia, but enjoying poptarts.

  23. Oh yay, good stuff Rayedish! *party times* *radishes for all*

    Hi orlando! 😀

    The fan art is very pretty, tigtog. 😀

  24. Chally has a ripper of a post up at Feministe, link at Zero at the Bone.

  25. Mindy: Chally’s post is bloody brilliant. And the reaction is … telling.
    Massive enormous gratz to you, Rayedish – what a feeling!

  26. Thank you both. 🙂
    .-= Chally´s last blog ..If I might direct your attention… =-.

  27. Well done Rayedish! Compensate for the rest of us!

    *the effort of typing sends our hero straight back to the cupboard for more goodbye-wisdom-teeth-pills*

  28. Thank you for the congrats, everyone – it has added to the excitement sharing the moment with this fabulous online community. I dreamt about the thesis last night and woke this morning reminding myself that it had been handed in – obvs its still sinking in!
    Not sure how I’m going to celebrate – I’ve just started as a lecturer and I’m going to a conference this weekend (in Adelaide, when did you say you were going to be there WP?) but once I get back I might just have to have a party! It has been an intense 6 months so I am looking forward to some sort of normality. (Word to the wise, don’t finish a thesis over Xmas, New Year period ).
    Deborah – I’m still resisting the urge to check, esp after your tale of caution.
    The Amazing Kim – I hope you recover from the extraction soon.
    And now to check out Chally’s post…

  29. Sadly I fly down on Wednesday 24th, and come back on the 1st, so I suspect it won’t intersect?? Crossing fingers anyway 🙂 And have a party, definitely and for sure!!

  30. Awesome Chally! But I imagine you need a lie down after moderating that..

  31. Thank you! Yeah I was on the computer pretty much constantly for 12 hours or so, still popping in every few minutes. :S

      Great post, Chally. I read through responses yesterday, about to head back in to check on what’s happened overnight.

  32. Love you, Chally. (I seem to recall that we did touch on this area in our brief “why I stopped reading Feministe” conversation.)

  33. @WP (I think comments crossed last night) I’ll be there 19th-21st, bummer! 😦 – I hope that you enjoy your trip – I’m looking forward to seeing Adelaide, having never been there before. Anyone got any (must see/places to eat) recommendations?

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