There is nothing quite like it

The sound of one swan galumphing across the water, feet windmilling and wings flapping so hard that they whipcrack, in pursuit of another swan even more frantically doing the same in an attempt to escape. This sunny morning in Centennial Park seems to have put quite a few of them into a feisty mood. I seem to be hearing this noise every five minutes or so.

If you,ve never heard it, imagine hoofbeats splashing through a river ford, with an overlay of wind rushing through feathers. Pegasus cantering through a thunderstorm, perhaps?

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  1. I have a very clear memory of a swan flying over my head when in East London a few years back. It cleared my scalp by around a metre and a half and it flapped it’s wings directly above me. My hair pretty much flattened and thunderclaps are the closest sounds, I’d otherwise come across!
    (I’d not realised quite how big adult swans generally were until that point)

    • Aphie, was it one of the mute (white) swans that buzzed you in London, or one of our very own black exports over there? The mute swans are substantially larger than our Aussie birds.

      meloukhia, I have so far avoided being whapped by a swan. Not in a hurry to experience it!

  2. Hee. This mental image delights me.

    Although being whapped with one of those wings really smarts!

  3. A white, tigtog. I’m guessing the mute variety, since I think they’re the biggest, and its wingspan was easily two metres plus.

  4. There’s nothing quite like a morning in the park … glad it was lovely for you 🙂
    ps … I haven’t forgotten lunch, but am a bit snowed under with back-to-college work. 3rd March??

  5. They bite, too. I do not trust them.

  6. There is nothing quite like …
    the sound of two fit firemen on their morning run laughing as I was dragged past them at speed by my large dog who was trying to race the geese and swans along the lake because they had startled us by flapping their wings in great mating displays (there were about fifteen pairs of geese or swans on the lake that particular morning).
    I miss the dog, and the walk around the lake early in the morning, but the memory of the firemen lifting me to my feet where I had eventually anchored the dog from going into the lake and affording me the opportunity to water ski, is a favourite embarrassing moment *G*

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