Femmostroppo Reader – February 22, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • If Norway can prosper with a stable population, why can’t Australia?
  • – “In fact, no fewer than 11 OECD nations achieved faster per-capita economic growth than Australia from 1997-2007, despite slower population growth or even in some cases no population growth or a slight decline.

    Clearly enough, experience shows us that rapid population growth is no guarantee of economic prosperity, and conversely a stable population does not doom a country to economic failure.

    The real puzzle here is why the Intergenerational Report discusses only the two worst performing countries among OECD nations on this issue, rather than looking at some of the success stories. Norway looks like an interesting case – thriving economy, despite an ageing population and much lower population growth than Australia. Or how about Slovakia, with a stable and ageing population and a booming economy?”

  • So Very True
  • – Die, Flash! Die!

  • Memo to doctors: women are moral adults
  • – “I think the subtext from the doctors who oppose this new guideline is particularly nasty. It says that they will make moral decisions for their patients, because women can’t be trusted to make those moral decisions themselves.”

  • For Cereal, Jessica at Jezebel? PTSD after obstetric assault is “hysterical”?
  • – “[WARNING: descriptions of obstetric rape and PTSD]”

  • Midwives banned from St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital
  • – “Midwives said they’re worried that patients who want to deliver their babies at a Camarillo obstetrics unit they described as quiet and homey may not want to go a busy, much larger hospital. They also questioned why hospital leaders decided midwives need immediate access to the intensive care unit but obstetricians-gynecologists who routinely handle high-risk births do not.”

  • Chick flickology
  • – “You weren’t surprised. It’s old news: Once upon a time, before you were born, there were witty, engaging movies about complex female characters. Then one day, it was all Nicholas Sparks adaptations, misanthropic battle-of-the-sexes romps and wedding porn.”

  • Little Kitten – Ian Rowland And The Cold Hard Facts of Cold Reading
  • – Check out this skeptic replicating so-called psychic abilities, and explaining how they work.

  • Joe Stack, translated
  • – “Are you listening? Nobody listens to me. “

  • Misanthropic food myth #1
  • – Gustating vs ingesting: concepts of food and metaphors of feeding #1

  • Misanthropic Food(related) Myth #2
  • – Gustating vs ingesting: concepts of food and metaphors of feeding #2

  • Breathe through your belly
  • – “But I recently stumbled onto the most insanely simple and aggravating factoid I’ve come across in years: breathing through your chest can trigger anxiety.”

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7 replies

  1. Thanks for the link, tigtog. And for all the other links. I enjoy the excellent reading you highlight in the ‘Femmostroppo Readers’. The eating links have got me thinking this evening.

  2. Oh wow! Here I am lurking, filling up my browser tabs with hoyden recommendations – and finding my own rarely-updated blog there. Thanks for the links!
    “Breathe through your belly” is so true – I’ve known this from experience with anxiety and yoga, but I’ve never linked it to the obviously restrictive practices of holding in the belly with restrictive garments or “sucking it in.” It’s possible to hold your belly muscles taut and breathe deeply into your abdomen – another yoga thing, also good for stage speakers – but that is usually not what people are after when they encourage a girl to make her stomach disappear.

  3. The thing about breathing through your belly is good advice. I don’t know that Abuser Three meant to make me feel anxious and panicky by constantly telling me to straighten my spine and suck in my gut but it probably added to that.
    “Insanely simple?” For real? Sigh. Thanks heaps Ms. Kesler. No I love being your metaphor really.

  4. kaninchenzero, I’ve changed it to “ridiculously simple.” However, I wish you’d simply used my contact form or commented on the article to let me know I’d used an ableist term rather than snark behind my back here, where it’s just luck I came across it at all. The whole concept of ableist language is kind of new to me, but I am learning, and I am willing to be educated.

  5. My apologies. I’ll use the comments box.

  6. No worries! Thanks for understanding. 🙂

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