Femmostroppo Reader – September 14, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed.What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Don’t we have more important things to do?
  • – “Our readers know we make things more dramatic than they really are, yet we continue to act like we’re smarter than them. I don’t even think it’s about writing for each other, rather than writing for our audience – I think we’re so used to using journalese that we’ve long since stopped thinking about what the words mean.”

  • Anti-filter Facebook Page blocked
  • – Silenced with no notification or explanation for 8 days and counting

  • Rats get caught in the same mess
  • – “The power of the media often gets over-stated. Ultimately people form their views based on their experiences. The media may influence how those experiences are interpreted, but ultimately are limited by what those experiences are. The media cannot make things up out of thin air and be credible. However, one reason why the media’s power tends to be exaggerated is the hollowing out of the political process. The more detached from a social base, the more insecure is the political class and the more it understands it as losing a “battle of ideas” through the media.”

  • Gay parenting and the law
  • – “Indeed, when one looks at the moral objections to same-sex parenting, often the same critcisms can be applied to heterosexual parenting, and these objections just don’t stand up:”

  • Senator Quixote deserves to be told off
  • – “As long as the filter is Government policy, we must maintain the rage; the possibility of floor-crossing Liberals, a double-dissolution election, or regulation-based solution can still keep us up at night.”

  • ‘That is so gay!’
  • – “The problem with using language such as ‘faggot’ when you are not aware of its history and what it signified and still does signify is that you make light of the violence behind such language.”

  • A must-read: how ghostwriters helped sell HRT
  • – “For those who have been mystified by the resolute defence of HRT by some specialists, for those who are interested in integrity in publishing, medicine and science, and for those who enjoy a shocking yarn”

  • The best of the rest of the internet
  • – linkfest from Rachael Hills

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  1. In the really vile and potentially triggering category. There’s an action alert at the New Agenda. They are calling for people to email News Corps about alleged comedian Louis CK’s misogynist tweets and the most disgusting series of ableist insults I have encountered in a long time. Sarah and Trig Palin were the targets. Again.

  2. There’s a great article at the Guardian about the resurrection of the misogynist comedian: The rise of the rape joke

    The counter-argument, expressed most forcibly by Jo Brand, is that today’s comedians pose as plain-speakers and PC refuseniks in order to smuggle in the kind of misogynist comedy last seen in the 1970s. The likes of Carr, says Brand, “appeal to all the people out there who think, ‘Where have all those delicious anti-women jokes gone? We miss them.’” Brand identifies “almost a desperation to make [comedy] more unpalatable than it was before”.

    This shit is hostile, dudes.

  3. ”It’s Not That Bad,” Except When It Is: on how we talk ourselves out of realizing that oppression is very bad indeed.

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