Otterday! And Open Thread. Now with bonus otters!

Today’s otter comes via The Daily Squee.

otter leaning out of a little hole with its mouth wide open, captioned: AND STAY OUT!

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

And today, just for the helluvit, bonus otters! This little row of mustelids is from The Daily Otter.

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  1. Abbott won two awards from 8 nominations at this year’s Ernie awards.

  2. I saw that! And what’s with the ABC Radio presenter Genevieve Jacobs who asked Tanya Plibersek “Do you feel bad that other people are raising your children?”

  3. I just came across the historical precedent for the “marry, shag, throw off a cliff” game in my reading about games in renaissance Italy – in the Dialogue Concerning the Games Customarily Played at Siene Soirees, written in the mid-sixteenth century, there is a game called the Game of the Ship, in which a woman must choose which of two men accompanying her in a storm-tossed ship she will throw overboard, and which she will save (and give her reasons).

    • Bek, that’s fantastic.
      I’m just filling up my new Kindle with lots of stuff (all these free canonical works – whee!) and am just about to set it up for accessing my Google reader and some e-book subscriptions from outside Amazon. I know you are a relatively recent Kindle convert – any particular recommendations/tips/tricks to share?

  4. The top otter says “A ha ha ha ha! I have tied your fishy to the railway tracks and now, in this stolen sushi train, I will splatter her fillets and scatter her scales! No one can stop me!”
    And the otters behind the fence say “Oh no, he has kidnapped our fishy! How dastardly!”
    Today I am making a 3d model of a grand piano that runs around like a puppy and pees musical notes.

  5. Tigtog, my number one tip is to check what electronic resources you can access through your local library – mine’s got all sorts of magazine articles available as PDFs, like Quarterly Essay for example.
    Gutenberg Australia also has some things the US version doesn’t, because our copyright law is different from the US.
    I’ve also got access to ebooks through uni, although technically they’re not supposed to be able to be read on a Kindle, I have found a way 😛
    Did you get the DX or the smaller size?

    • I got the smaller size, meaning I presumably need to hit the page-forward button more often. Since I’m a fast reader, this may eventually force me to upgrade to the DX and pass my current one on to mio sposo. But we shall see! For the moment I’m thrilled with it as is.

  6. Yeah, I got the DX because having played with a friend’s standard size one, I knew I was going to be hitting the next button far too often. The other thing was reading scanned PDFs for uni – that doesn’t work as well on the smaller size screen.
    I’m so looking forward to taking it on holidays instead of a suitcase full of books!
    They ARE rather thrilling things – I think it took me a couple of books til I was really used to reading on it, mostly because of the momentary refresh when you hit the next button, but you do get used to it, and it definitely does not tire your eyes like reading on a backlit screen does (which is why I don’t understand why anyone thought the iPad was going to be a Kindle killer). At the moment we’re reading a lovely detective story on it, written from the perspective of the detective’s dog.

  7. Sigh. All weekend spent at on campus sessions for legal ethics. Course was interesting. Other students less so. Buses couldn’t get me INTO the uni so I had to make a big trek up hill and down dale with my laptop backpack hurting me and causing neck/back pain and massive leg cramps. Woman behind me continually referred to the law as ‘schizophrenic’ despite me asking her to stop. She then talked about how it’s incredible that legal admissions boards don’t know if someone has a mental illness and specifically mentioned bipolar and schizophrenia at which point I really lost my temper. Just GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I made the point loudly and clearly that mental illness had nothing to do with fitness to practice law, but she is apparently always right about everything…she also seemed to decide I was the right wing bastion of corporate apologism which was perplexing. Anyway, bollocks to the entire weekend…except to coming home to TBO greeting me with home made ratatouille, a hug and some beer. That was nice.

  8. TAK – I rather love your otter/fishy scenario!

  9. The virus that won last week’s battle is making a concerted effort to win this week’s battle as well with a nasty new ‘swollen gland’ tactic. I’m hoping the Dr has something in their bag of tricks that will slay this virus once and for all. Apart from that all is good. I’m thinking of taking the kids to Canberra zoo in the school holidays. Last time I was there, my gods pre children, they had two brother otters who floated head to toe with a bit of each other’s tummy in their mouths like pacifiers. I wondered it they’d been taken from their mum too young, but apart from that they seemed to be thriving. I hope the zoo still has otters.

    • Mindy, sorry to hear it – I’m *knocks on wood* mostly better now – still a residual cough but otherwise unblocked sinuses and uncongested chest etc. Hope that you can shortly say the same.
      eta: the zoo for the holidays sounds good though – yay otters!

  10. Antibiotics and a certificate for the day off work tomorrow so I can sleep. So should be good soon. Also reminding myself that other people live with a lot worse has helped as well.
    I hope they still have the otters. Last time I saw otters all lined up as if ready for their family portrait, I didn’t have the camera.

  11. Just curious if anyone is using their Kindle or iPad for research reading, and if so is the way you read for research changing?

  12. @Mindy From the Canberra Zoo’s horrible, horrible website it looks like they do still have otters, but also new Sun Bear and Red Panda cubs. So it should be fun in any case.

  13. Curi-Oz, yes, I’ve been doing my uni reading on the Kindle – stacks of journal articles, and yes, it has changed the way I research, or at least the way I take notes, as I’ve been tending to take notes straight onto the computer whereas when I read actual books I tend to write the notes first and then transcribe onto the computer. I wouldn’t even try to do serious reading on the iPad – the backlit screen is quite tough on the eyes after a while. I wouldn’t even use it for serious internet research – no tabs or multitasking and the copy and paste thing is a bit frustrating.

  14. Thanks Amazing Kim. I will have to remember to take the camera and report back.

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