Firefox Bookmarklet to help with Down Under Feminists Carnival submissions

There was an idea floated ages back, maybe by tigtog, that it would help people to submit to the Down Under Feminists Carnival if there was a bookmarklet that people could use when they are on an interesting page.

The idea of the bookmarklet is that instead of having to open up a new browser window and go to the submission URL, you simply click on your bookmarklet and it takes you to the submission form with the page you’re already looking at pre-filled.

I finally got around to coming up with one, and I’ve written a generator so that everyone can have their own bookmarklet with their name and email address pre-filled too. I can’t embed Javascript on Hoyden, so you will need to head over to my personal website to generate your bookmarklet.

If you’re having trouble with it or it’s buggy, feel free to post here, and I (and hopefully other experienced Firefox users) can try and help out.

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10 replies

  1. This is made of awesome. And puppies.

  2. And otters. Thanks heaps for doing this.

  3. Brilliant Mary, thanks so much.

  4. I assume everyone is testing before praising? Submit your fave post to the carnival now!
    And you’re welcome, it will hopefully make submission much easier for FF users.

  5. Thanks Mary – it works perfectly 🙂

  6. Also made of kittens.

  7. That would be double-kittens, because I got it to work on my Mac as well as my laptop, which is (sadly) a PC. I used control click on my Mac. I had to edit the e-mail address on the generated submission form, but that was very minor.

  8. Whee! t’riffic stuff.

  9. Oh this is fabulous! Thank you!

  10. What an awesome creation! I don’t use Firefox but wanted to appreciate your work! Hopefully someone will be inspired by what you’ve done and do a Chrome version 🙂

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