Femmostroppo Reader January 12, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.

  • Male IT geeks think they are “low status” males.
  • – The facts? “The average American IT individual makes about 35% more than the average American household. In other words, the average American male with an IT career is “high status” in terms of economic position and adult social position.”

  • How A Nonexisting Gender Study Got Its Wings
  • – “What is driving this? Mostly the bias of people “knowing” what they “know.” There’s a very strong prior belief bias among the audience of these pieces, created by the common popular myths of women as gold-diggers and/or frustrated housewives or nasty feminist harpies.”

  • Women at Comment is Free & CiF trespass
  • – “Today is CiF trespass. […]The idea is that people of mild temperament will shuffle gently onto CiF threads throughout the day, expressing their views in a thoughtful and respectful way. If nothing else, it will confuse the hell out of the regulars.”

  • Google Doesn’t Recognize “Congresswoman”
  • – “I’m not saying that this is some evil plan or oversight by Google, it’s an interaction between our real, unequal social world and a neutral algorithm.”

  • Let's Get This Straight
  • – “the most breathtaking disingenuous hypocrisy: Conservatives, who vociferously argue against the language and legislation of social justice, on the basis that it all “normalizes” marginalized people and their lives and cultures (it does!), are suddenly nothing but blinking, wide-eyed naïveté when it comes to their own violent rhetoric.

    They have a great grasp of cultural anthropology when they want to complain about progressive ideas, inclusion, diversity, and equality. But when it comes to being accountable for their own ideas, their anthropological prowess magically disappears.”

  • Debunking the myth that rapists just need to get laid
  • – “So where is all this logic fail coming from? Ask yourself: who benefits from having you think rape is the result of uncontrollable male lust fanned to flame by cock-teasing women, and that men don’t have an entire class of women devoted to taking care of that for them? Rapists.”

  • States Force Ex-Offenders to Pay “User Fees” For Their Own Incarceration
  • – “People are finally beginning to care about the cost of the prison industrial complex to the U.S. public. But since recidivism and humane treatment for offenders are still not the primary concerns, and the public still has a strong investment in punishment, the “solution” has simply been to find new and more inventive ways to punish offenders. And such punishments may take the form of “user fees” or cutting programs within prisons that make life more bearable and recidivism less likely.”

  • Toning down rhetoric is one thing.
  • – “Put your big-kid pants on and realize that even if you didn’t mean to encourage violence, you have, in fact, been encouraging violence, and you should have known that you were encouraging violence. Because let’s be real, a whole lot of people were telling you that. You had to have seen it. The evidence was right there.”

  • Quote of the Day
  • – “One of the most classic ways to avoid accountability is to accuse people asking for it of (mis)placing blame.

    And now, with shades of the ever-popular rightwing lament that being called on one’s racism is as bad or worse than being a victim of racism, calling out purveyors of violent rhetoric is just as bad as being an eliminationist oneself.”

  • Palin (and Clinton) obsessives suddenly discover that violent discourse is a bad thing
  • – “What is it about her that’s so special? What could it possibly be that makes this utterly ordinary idiot Republican somehow a billion times worse than all the rest?

    I’ll give you a hint: Hillary Clinton. The political right in this country spent much of the 90s and 00s obsessed with Hillary Clinton in the same way that the political left is now obsessed with Sarah Palin.”

  • You know what women want?
  • – “An end to stupid articles about what women want. As though 10.8 million females (2008 figures) of all ages and all backgrounds all want the same thing.”

  • Mantrol and Manghurt?
  • – “And at that point I stop being amused, or weirded out, or confused, and become angry. That a government agency would spend millions of dollars reinforcing the idea that to be manly is to be in control sickens me. As if that idea wasn’t deeply ingrained enough. As if it wasn’t understood by so many women who have been at the receiving end of men’s control.”

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