Femmostroppo Reader April 21, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Copyright fight heating up in Australia
  • – “Wherever you go, the content industries are working hard to secure stronger “protections” for intellectual property and tougher penalties against those who infringe against these protections.”

  • Australia is an 'embarassment' on climate change
  • – “Leading the world? You’ve got to be joking. Many other countries have already put a price on carbon and introduced realistic pollution reduction targets. And while they are spending significant public and private dollars firming up investment in the technologies and energy sources for the future, Australia is still locked in a debate over whether big polluters should even pay for their pollution.

    Unfortunately this isn’t just leaving us with a reputation of being environmentally blind, it is also costing us real jobs right here in our own backyard.”

  • Shouting fire in a pre-Budget theatre.
  • – “Today Greg Combet release a report by the CSIRO into the Home Insulation Program (HIP). Obviously it shows that the whole thing was bungled and was “a mess”… err what’s that? It doesn’t? Oh.”

  • Australian government draft report: homeopathy “not efficacious”
  • – “Three billion dollars of taxpayers money is provided every year to fund private health insurance rebates by the government and this includes homeopathy. Should the NHMRC declare it “unethical”, health funds will be under pressure to pull funding for quack remedies like homeopathy.

    It’s too early to tell at this stage if this will happen, since the statement is still a draft, but it is tantalising to think that science and rationalism could win this one.”

  • “So enormously important that it is contracted out to private companies chosen on lowest price”
  • – “true about all sorts of areas that previously were the responsibility of government, where the consequence of taking these sorts of shortcuts – although potentially catastrophic – won’t be felt for some time. Possibly under the next mob’s administration.”

  • Dude’s got issues
  • – “Some guy, with only 13 followers on twitter, reckons the Australian Prime Minister should change her voice simply because he says so. Wow, that’s arrogant.”

  • the Miles Franklin syndrome
  • – “the fundamental issue underlying the problem: it’s a symptom of what the dominant culture holds to be valuable and what it regards as lesser.”

  • the Miles Franklin syndrome
  • – “the fundamental issue underlying the problem: it’s a symptom of what the dominant culture holds to be valuable and what it regards as lesser.”

  • Perez Hilton and Bullying
  • – “But here’s what I worry about. I worry about kids who are bullies themselves watching the way Perez Hilton is being treated as he’s trying to change his ways – the way our society will only let him be a bully (once a bully, always a bully, they seem to say) even when he realizes what he did was wrong and wants to change. That kid is going to watch this happen, and think to themself, “Well, I guess there’s no point in changing if everybody is going to think of me this way forever, anyway.””

  • The problem is not the deficit
  • – “I am continually amazed by the way the economic lessons of the past century have seemingly been flushed down the memory hole by politicians all over the world.”

  • Imaginary Feminism 101.
  • – Holly’s revealing Teh Seekrit Imaginary Feminist Agenda – everybody to the Dworkinphone!

  • attention dudes
  • – “The idea that a woman who fails at performing femininity does so on purpose rather than because she is tragically unable to isn’t something that most people seem to have thought possible.”

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