Otterday! And Open Thread.

Otterday comes early this weekend, because of the public holiday! (But not tooo early, on account of *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*.)

Today’s otter was snapped by James J. Barnett on flickr a couple of days ago at the Phoenix Zoo. Look at the giant paws on this one! Anyone have any idea which species it is?

otter is propping itself forward on a log. Its fur is damp, and it has large paws and claws.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. The holiday weekend is so far going swimmingly. Last night I cooked mussels in blue cheese sauce to replicate a dish we had in Marseilles last year, and it was delish. Today we got fresh crusty bread straight from the Vietnamese bakery lady to finish off the rest of the Roquefort for lunch, with a lovely wine.
    Then I had a nap, then the kind lady from mr tog’s recruitment agency brought around a hamper of noms. Nom nom nom.
    Tonight we’re having garlic marinated prawns baked with fetta and tomato and served on rocket with a squeeze of fresh lime. Nom.

  2. Today I tidied most of the house, did a load of washing, built a no dig garden with myNigel, had a long sleep on the lounge, pulled some plants out of the vegie patch ready to plant winter veg and started reading another Faith Martin book (lady detective, crime, pretty good). After catching up on the blogs (currently musing over Hexy’s thread and some of the issues coming up there) I plan to try to solve another Sudoku and enjoy the dinner myNigel should be cooking soon. Then I might even dig out the smoked cheddar lurking in the fridge and put off any thoughts of diet and exercise until tomorrow.

  3. Today I am off to a beer festival in celebration of a friend’s birthday. Yay! Also, new Who tomorrow! Squee! But I have to spend the rest of the holiday weekend writing my dissertation proposal, which is less than fun.
    I hope everyone has a good weekend.

  4. Today I blogged about food, made scones with coconut oil, chatted to a friend on facebook, did some exercise with a video from a bygone era, and started to get us ready for tomorrow. Mr made hammocks.
    The rest of the weekend is going to be spent on a deserted tropical island, sleeping in hammocks. Not even kidding. Can’t wait! This is the upside to moving to Micronesia.

  5. My, everybody does sound very proactive and useful. Yesterday I faffed about, ineffectually tried to start a few things I didn’t finish, cleaned the toilet but couldn’t be arsed doing the rest of the bathroom, and made some lists that were the same as the lists I made last time I was looking for a substitute for actually doing anything.
    Kirstente, what’s your research on?

  6. Has the flu. Dying of mucus. Ingestion of hot cross buns the only cure.

  7. So if Skynet had gone active on Thursday you might actually be suffering less today than you are right now?

  8. Procrastilaxing around the house this weekend, channel-surfing has inevitably involved flicking past the James Bond marathon on cable, and getting sucked in to a few of them.
    One of the things I note about the movies before the 90s is that the glamorous femmes, even in situations that they knew might involve grisly remains, and/or knew that clandestine manoeuvres needed to be performed to avoid the bad guys, were still required by the writers/director to give an appropriately girly scream when they came across said grisly remains.
    I hadn’t even especially realised that this trope of women always screaming no matter what else was going on at grisly remains had died out until I saw all these retro examples of it. I’m glad that it has died out, deffo.

  9. Orlando – I’m researching birth control clinics in Scotland in the 1920s and 30s. No-one’s really written about them before, so it’s quite exciting. I’m enjoying the research side so far, but the proposal is annoying to write because it’s basically jumping through hoops.

  10. Had a fun weekend wrestling HTML5 to the ground, fitting harnesses to its many spiky heads and parading it like a showhorse for my assignment next week.
    Today I made the world’s most delicious anzac biscuits, but I didn’t use any measurements so I can never do it again.
    @kirstente – Oooh, that sounds interesting. I imagine they served cocktails to flappers in the waiting rooms, because everyone did that in the 20s. Possibly porridge-flavoured cocktails, being Scotland.

  11. Haggis flavoured cocktails?

  12. Oh crap -the tooth fairy doesn’t work on public holidays. Must be because zie can’t get to the bank or something. *parenting fail*

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