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Two of the ADFA cadets involved in the ADFA cadets sex scandal today appeared in court in the ACT. Their names have been released in the media, so I won’t repeat them here. The two are the cadet who had consensual sex with Kate and his mate who it seems helped set up the Skype feed. It has been said in court today that Kate had a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement with the cadet she was filmed having sex with. As myNigel pointed out, that was a friends with benefits arrangement, not a friends with benefits that you can broadcast to your mates arrangement. The Magistrate also rejected a claim that proceedings should be kept suppressed for national security grounds. I guess defending counsel have to try everything. It would have been nice if the slut shaming could have skipped though.

Please note: we thrashed out a lot of issues around the existence or not of a culture in the Armed Forces that allows this type of behaviour to occur in the previous thread. Please do not re-hash it here. This thread is for ongoing discussion of the case as reported in the media.

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  1. I’m not sure how successful they’ll be in trying to prove she knew about the camera beforehand. The police released a chat log to the media, in which the male participant confirms to his mate that she has no clue about the webcam.

  2. By “they” I mean the defence, who I heard will try to pin the victim as lying about her (lack of) knowledge about the camera.

  3. Even if she did know that he was filming their sexual encounter, that doesn’t mean that she knew he was broadcasting it to his mates. Even if it’s true that she waved at the camera on the way out, that doesn’t mean she meant it for an audience of anybody more than he and she reviewing the footage at some future time.
    There really does seem to be a huge expectations divide between men and women regarding the sharing of intimate pictures/video with other people. Lara Bingle expected that the snap her boyfriend took of her in the shower would be just for him, he expected to share that with his mates as a matter of course. Too many other similar instances to recount. I can’t say it better than Pavlov’s Cat did a few weeks ago, when this case first appeared in the news:

    I have now seen or heard several different men being surprised by the fact that I and other women have reacted so strongly to this case. To my horror, these men seem to think it’s either minor or normal, or both. In the case of setting up a woman to have sex with her and film it without her knowledge, I’ve heard, among other things, ‘But there are much worse things’ and ‘But everybody does it’ and ‘But it’s normal.’
    If any (much less all) of these things is true, then the situation is much worse even than I thought.

  4. Bingle though[t] Fevola erased it after she objected to the picture being taken. The voices in the media and the community playing down the breach of trust, and declaring the male cadet’s behaviour “normal” is terrifying, IMO. Luckily no-one I know personally has disappointed me on this issue – sometimes you get nasty surprises when cases like this pop up.

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