Femmostroppo Reader May 5, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Stupid interpretation of data
  • – Yup. More thinking about centering defaults and what this means, please.

  • The BBC's Poor Reporting Encourages Employment Discrimination
  • – Horribly misleading science reporting

  • Farr out, that’s sneaky
  • – “Oh look, another sexist dinosaur who isn’t happy about the Prime Minister being a woman. Malcolm Farr in The Punch (aka “Australia’s best conversation” about really trivial shit): She is woman: Gillard’s gender still too hard to ignore. But he’s being very sneaky about it. He’s putting down female journalists in order to trivialise Julia Gillard.”

  • links for 2011-05-02
  • – Racialicious linkfest

  • Specious Sloganeering
  • – “This sloganeering ignores, entirely, the fact of reproductive coercion. The cynical side of me reacted to the slogan wondering if all those regretful dudes are the same dudes poking holes in condoms or hiding his partner’s birth control:”

  • A random and unidentified visit
  • – “So, don’t tell me it’s just an ad. It’s never just an ad… these things are both a reflection of modern society and a clear display of how fucked up gender roles are.”

  • The Class War That Dare Not Speak Its Name
  • – “For the wealthy, there are distinct advantages in making members of the lower and middle classes (the rapidly vanishing middle classes) believe that raising taxes is bad; they tell us that we shouldn’t promote tax cuts because then the government will take all our money away, because someday we will be wealthy too, and then we will be sad about the tax rate. For the wealthy, the endurance of the bootstrapping myth is catnip.”

  • The Contradictory, Illogical Nature of Rape Victim-Blaming
  • – “Those who victim-blame are saying two contradictory things: everyone is a rapist and everyone should know that everyone is a rapist except your friends, acquaintances and relatives who are not rapists, because how could anyone know or like a rapist? It’s all probably just a misunderstanding!”

  • Science Makes Working 3-D Invisibility Cloak
  • – “There’s just one catch.”

  • Recommended reading
  • – “Seriously — how long did you figure it would take for the “narcissist” theme to surface in (ahem) some commentary on the recent events in Pakistan? […]”

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if…
  • – “the ACL, now that Jim Wallace decided that tweeting bigotry was a great idea, vanished up it’s own arse, especially as the outrage on twitter and elsewhere has demonstrated that they do not have the wide support of Australia (Christian or otherwise) that they claim they do.”

  • Because this is what women are for
  • – “I have now seen or heard several different men being surprised by the fact that I and other women have reacted so strongly to this case. To my horror, these men seem to think it’s either minor or normal, or both. In the case of setting up a woman to have sex with her and film it without her knowledge, I’ve heard, among other things, ‘But there are much worse things’ and ‘But everybody does it’ and ‘But it’s normal.’

    If any (much less all) of these things is true, then the situation is much worse even than I thought.”

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